Bomber Theatre Closes Year with “Curtains”

“I’d say… HE did it!”

Brianna Ifland, Editor/Reporter

Bomber Theatre presented its spring musical Curtains this past weekend. Their performances were on April 8th and 9th at 7 PM as well as April 10th at 2 PM. With a Tony for Best Musical in 2007, Curtains is a comedic murder mystery that flaunts an amazing score, keeping you on the edge of your seat, asking who the killer is, and who might be next. 

“We have all worked hard on this production,” says sophomore Noah Ireland. “We may have had a few bumps on the way but we are here now, ready to perform!”

Brianna Ifland on Youtube

It takes place in Boston, 1959. The Colonial Theater is presenting Robin Hood, a new musical that’s on track to Broadway. On opening night, however, Jessica Cranshaw (Audrey Young) dies during the bows– leaving everybody from cast to crew under suspicion. 

Frank Cioffi (portrayed by junior Cayden Sabella), a detective and musical fanatic, enters the scene (both literally and figuratively), hoping to sniff out just who killed the leading lady. All the while, the company tries to whip the show into shape with someone new stepping into the main part.

However, with the rough weather during their production season, tech week was “super stressful,” according to sophomore Julianna Pickers.

“With all of the AMI days… we didn’t have as much time as other shows. It still came out pretty well at the end! We become more confident with each performance.”

Senior Taylor Schumacker was the stage manager and admits that “this show was definitely different than the other shows I have stage-managed for. It just felt like we were specially cut for time [due to weather and breaks]. I didn’t even get some of my cues down until the day of. Overall, I am extremely pleased with how it all turned out, technical mishaps and quick change fails and all.”

Brianna Ifland on Youtube

The show featured “In the Same Boat Complete,” (left) which Troupe performed at the State Thespian Festival, gaining not only a Superior rating but Best of Show in Group Musical (albeit with a different cast).  

However, “In the Same Boat” isn’t the only show-stopping number. Though technically impressive due to the layers, each song speaks to different audience and cast/crew members.

One of Picker’s favorites is Tough Act to Follow. “I’m a hopeless romantic, so I love songs like that. I think it’s a cute song between the two main characters… It had some of my favorite choreography in the show, which is thanks to our wonderful choreographer, Sophia Wilson.” 

“My favorite song from Curtains was probably ‘I Miss the Music,’” says Schumacker. “I’m a sucker for sappy love songs and because of the director’s note that was included in my script.”

‘I Miss the Music’ is performed by Aaron Fox (Ethan Campbell), who laments on his divorce from Georgia Hendricks (Joia Traver) and reminisces on their time together as a writing and marital duo, so the character’s situation adds more salt to the wound regarding Ebb’s passing.

“Essentially it boils down to one of the real songwriters of Curtains [John Kander]  having written the song for his writing partner [Fred Ebb], who passed away before the musical opened on Broadway.” 

However, it’s not just love songs that stop the show. Junior, cast member, vice president, and STO Sierra Trogdon’s favorite number is ‘Show People.’ 

“To be on stage singing about what it’s like to be a ‘show person’ next to all my closest friends brought me so much genuine joy. To be a real-life show person is truly invigorating,” says Trogdon.

Although Bomber Theatre only lasted four years, it has made the impression of a lifetime.”

— Aidan Wilson, Senior

Though this was the troupe’s final show of the 2021-22 season, they still have Backstage Bash to close the year with. 

Senior and treasurer Aidan Wilson says, “Although Bomber Theatre only lasted four years, it has made the impression of a lifetime.”