Mountain Home Helps Ukraine


Kelen Campbell, Reporter/Photographer

On February 24, 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine and surprised its residents, as it is the first war in Europe in decades. says that “Russia and Ukraine have had a difficult relationship for centuries. To understand what’s happening now you have to dig into 1,300 years of history.” 

The article goes on to say “A revolution in February 1917 forced Russia’s leader, Czar Nicholas II, from the throne. Another revolution that same year created a new empire called the Soviet Union. Some Ukrainians didn’t want to join the new Soviet empire. They tried to form their own country.” 

“But the Soviets defeated their movement and created the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic instead – one of a number of republics that made up the union. At first, it allowed Ukrainians to keep their culture and run their local government. But when the Soviets began to fear that Ukrainians wanted independence, they took their power away.”

In February, 2022, Russian leader Vladimir Putin said that “Ukrainians and Russians are one people.” He went on to say “Russia is the older brother, so Russia should be in charge.” 

The Ukrainian people disagreed. Their president, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, told Putin that “Ukrainians want peace, but if they need to, they will defend their country’s independence.”

Putin retaliated by invading Ukraine, and he plans to take over the entire country. Putin’s actions started the Ukrainian and Russian war, with Ukrainians doing everything they can to defend their country. 

Russian residents had no say in whether Putin should commence the war. Many Russians are on the side of Ukraine, protesting against the invasion. The United States along with many European countries are on the Ukrainian side, as they believe the Ukrainian residents should be allowed to decide their country’s own fate. 

Many people from the Mountain Home area are doing a lot in support of Ukrainian residents fleeing from their homeland in order to save their lives.  A news story from says that on March 4, 2022, “100+ people gather for a Mountain Home, Arkansas rally in support of Ukraine.” 

Two organizations worked together, one being from Mountain Home, to organize the event. 

St. Thomas the Apostle Orthodox Ukrainian Church worked with the Cruisers of Mountain Home to hold a rally for Ukrainian residents. 

Father Samuel Seamans of the Ukrainian Church said “That’s the sad thing about this war, you have brothers fighting brothers, but we have nothing but love and respect for our fellow Christians. We have to be careful to not associate Vladimir Putin with his people.”

Tommy Felicia, with the Mountain Home Fire Department said “ It’s awful what I’ve seen, their families involved and their home country. It’s an honor for Mountain Home to do something like this and raise some money where it’s needed.”

Mountain Home High School has also come together to help the Ukrainian community. If you would like to donate to the Ukrainian residents, talk to Mrs. Bergenstock. She can provide a list of items they need, and she will get the items that are donated to where they can be sent to Ukrainian individuals that are in need.