I don’t know about you, but Yearbook is Feelin’ 22


Sarah Howell, Reporter/Photographer

This year’s Yearbook team has been hard at work on the newest edition of the MHHS Yearbook.  The yearbook team chose the theme “Feelin’ 22” for this year’s yearbook, a nod to Taylor Swift’s Red album. This yearbook will be full of music references and titles.

“I am proudest of the collaboration and creativity my staff has shown this year. They came up with a great concept and have come up with so many cool ways to incorporate it throughout the book.””

— Mrs. Chapman, sponsor

– Mrs. Chapman, Yearbook sponsor.

The yearbook will include music from the past year and our childhoods. Each section includes a Spotify playlist that accompanies the theme of the pages. The yearbook staff has a big job when it comes to making sure the book is picture-perfect.

“We spend days making sure that everything fits the style guide, and that every student has a chance to get featured in the book,” Elizabeth Harris, the editor said.

“Some of the most time-consuming things about yearbook are captioning photos, specifically big groups, and editing the text and names. No one likes having their name misspelled in the yearbook and we really do our best to catch those mistakes before it goes to print. Also just tracking down quotes from people, you really have to do a lot of follow-ups to get the information you need,”  says Mrs. Chapman.

The cover of the book will feature aerial photography of the school courtesy of a drone.

“I asked Will Beckham if he could get some images for us with the drone and he did a great job. This could be the last year our campus looks the way it does with the construction of the new high school scheduled to start soon so this will be great for historical reference and it’s going to be an awesome cover!”, Mrs. Chapman stated.

The yearbook is on sale now for $70 at jostensyearbook.com. Students need to prepurchase to ensure they get a copy as supplies will be limited. The yearbook will be delivered in July. Seniors will need to come to the school to pick up their copies. Sophomores and Juniors will be given their yearbook at Open House in August.