A Night on the Red Carpet, MHHS Announces Prom Plans


It’s the time of year for the 2022 prom season. This is the first time in 2 years the school has planned the prom, last year the parents hosted due to strict COVID guidelines and in 2020 the Prom was canceled altogether.

This year’s prom theme is “Bomber Gala, A Night on the Red Carpet.” Prom will be held Saturday, April 2nd at the Sheid, ASUMH 8pm-11pm. Prom tickets went on sale Monday, January 31st. 

Tickets are $25 and can only be purchased by Juniors or Seniors. No other grades can attend unless they are the date of a junior or senior. Tickets are $25 through February 28th. After this date, they will go up to $30. 

You can purchase tickets from Mrs. Chapman (Room 304-EAST) or Mrs. Lunsford (room 715 in the ACME hall) before school, during AAP, 1st lunch or after school until 3:30. If your date is graduated or in a different school, you must pick up a date form from the office. These forms must be returned by Monday, March 14th, no exceptions. 


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