Warmth for the Weary

Helping the Homeless in Mountain Home


Kelen Campbell, Reporter/Photographer

We have officially made it through 2021, and with new goals in mind, Mountain Home High School re-opens their doors to Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors. Meanwhile, The Food Bank of North Central Arkansas has partnered with Real Life Church to open their doors to homeless individuals around the Mountain Home area. 

According to homelesssheltersdirectory.com, there are only two homeless shelters in the area. With the Serenity Center and Gamma House, homeless people are getting the help that they need. 

But, there is only so much room for individuals to live comfortably and safely. 

Thanks to the Food Bank of North Central Arkansas and Real Life Church of Mountain Home, more homeless people in the Mountain Home area are being provided a warm place to stay, along with meals. 

KTLO.com posted a news story about the generous effort, which states “The Reach Center, located at 1326 Rossi Road in Mountain Home, will open its shelter Sunday afternoon at 4, and for the rest of the week, it will be open from 5 in the evening through 8 in the morning. During the Reach Center’s closure, the Food Bank’s training center, located in the Georgetown Square at 1042 Highland Circle in Mountain Home, will be open from 8 to 5.” 

KTLO continues in their news article, “Both locations will have food and a warm place to stay, and cots will also be available at the Reach Center. Currently, there is enough space to serve 40 individuals in need. As one shelter closes and another opens each day, [Jeff] Quick (Food Bank CEO) says transportation will be provided to get those in need to the location in a safely manner.” 

40 may seem like a small number, but that is 40 less people sleeping in the freezing weather with empty stomachs. 

When asked about their feelings on the way homeless people are being helped, individuals at Mountain Home High School had a lot to say. 

“I think that homeless people should be given more things to help them. There are way too many people in Mountain Home who have so much money they don’t know what they’re going to do with it. Why not share with the people in need?” Said Connor Perez, Sophomore.

“It feels good to see people in Mountain Home finally lending a hand to the less fortunate. It’s so sad to see the hungry homeless people in this town” Said Miranda Stopka, Junior.

“I’ve been hoping something like this would happen for a while now. People shouldn’t have to be looked down on because they don’t have much” Said Landen Charneske, Junior.  

The three individuals were then asked what they felt they could do to help homeless people in the community. 

“We could do a fundraiser and all the money raised could go towards helping the homeless people” Said Connor Perez. 

“We can donate canned foods to the food bank for the homeless people” Said Miranda Stopka.

“I would like to do a food drive but not only have food, it can be clothes and blankets and stuff too.” Said Landen Charneske. 

Together as a community, Mountain Home can work together to keep the homeless population low, and the love for helping others strong.