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Christmas is a high rising in popularity holiday, but when it comes to presents. Things get difficult with the idea of what the person really wants. Many people waste money on things a person actually doesnt like and the item just gets passed down or gets sold to someone else. This Top 10 list will help find great gifts just for what every teen in 2022 wants!


10: Kodak Luma 150 projector

This pocket-sized projector does great for watching different films or simply playing video games. The projector projects up to 150 inches (12.5 feet) on any surface and at any place. There is a built-in speaker, so there is no need for extra equipment. It can be found on

.Review: The Amazing Kodak Project Portable Projector – REVIEWED


9: Wemore weighted blanket.

This blanket (and any other. This blanket will help you alot, the best part is that it is fuzzy and it can make sleeping much better and more relaxing. This blanket can also be found in different colors such as cream, gray, navy, pink, and rainbow. It can be found on


8: Beats Studio Buds

Make your music listening experience better with these high quality earbuds! These lightweight earbuds are great for sound quality and last longer than the average Airpods and normal earbuds you get from DollarTree. The reviews from different people read:


They can be commonly found at any online store/ world wide stores.


7: Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion

Want a break from Tik-Tok and Snapchat? AND you’re a D&D fan? This game is just your thing. This game acts like any other D&D/Fantasy RPG game, character creating, creative world building, and teamwork. It takes strategy and imagination. Gloomhaven is perfect for game nights with friends and family alike.

Review and Item:


6: Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera

Photography is a pretty popular hobby for teens and young adults. This camera has greater image quality than any other mini camera and it has easy storage. The Fujifilm Instax makes capturing moments better than heading to Walmart to get the image out. The Mini 11 easily prints out the image from itself. It comes in a variety of colors.


Fujifilm INSTAX Mini 11 review : BEST instant camera


5: Huggable llama pad

This item will be needed most when you have cramps, aching/sore muscles and a feverish headache. With its cutesy exterior it makes a person feel a little better. Well, at least for me it does. If you have a sore muscle, you can easily pop it into the microwave or put it in the freezer to soothe cramps, sore muscles, etc. Most commonly found in Urban


4: Fluance RT82 Vinyl Turntable

The Vinyl Turntable,is high in quality by CNET Editor´s Choice. And the best part is that there are multiple different styles of the turntable, at different prices.


3: Bubble Tea kit

Okay you know it is best to wait till your birthday or next christmas. Because it is currently out of stock the ship date that it might come in is on January 3rd. But this Kit will help with waiting in line at the cafe shop. You can simply make a cup for yourself and this kit contains: tapioca pearls, classic royal milk, black tea, and rooibos chai tea!

Review & Item:Amazon Bubble Tea


2: Boxed plant trio!

Like the boba kit, this is currently out of stock but you can get quick notifications about stocking these little wonders at Ansel& This will be an easy care during quarantine and a great hobby to help you relax. It also helps make your room/apartment look nicer and freshen up the air.

Review & Products:


1: Bose Soundlink Flex

This Bluetooth speaker has great sound quality, much like the beat studio’s buds. It comes in three various colors: black, white, smoke and stone blue. This little fella is an easy put in your bag speaker and an easy charging.


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