Bomber Bowling Kicks off 2021-22 Season

Brianna Ifland, Editor/Photographer

Bomber Bowling kicked off their season on November 22, winning a home match against Norfork. Since then, they’ve faced Batesville and Flippin— the girls winning their most recent match.

“They choked when they saw me bowl strikes,” reads a Snapchat post by senior Zoe Carpenter. Carpenter scored the highest among girls in last season’s state matches, so fans and opponents alike should be on the lookout for what her senior year has in store.

Unfortunately, the boys lost the past two matches. They won the overall games, but it came down to bakers, a form of competition bowling/scoring system.

“With bakers, there are only five players on one lane,” says junior Elijah Hunter. “They all take turns based on how good they performed in the other games. Whoever is player number five is very important because… they also bowl the ten frame and, with the ten frame, there is more of a chance to win because you can bowl up to three times.”

Despite the recent rough patch, their next match will be an away game against Batesville on January 6. After that, they have two more home matches, as well as conference and (hopefully) state.

Junior Timothy Ifland says, “I was kinda disappointed when we lost, but I know we can get it next time.”