No Shave November

It’s November, which means it’s time for the popular trend No Shave November (NSN). The concept of NSN is to raise awareness by embracing our body hair, which many cancer patients lose. Not only women, but men participate as well. Instead of buying your monthly razors, shaving cream, and other shaving products, people donate money to organizations to be given to cancer patients to be able to afford chemo, or any other treatments.

Around our school, the answers to many questions are diverse, since everyone has their own opinions. Abby Gross, junior at the Mountain Home High School and member of student council stated “I think it’s a very charitable idea. It’s quite nice that people are raising more awareness, even though it has developed such a different meaning. I’m still glad that people are incorporating cancer awareness into it.”

Connor Perez, sophomore at Mountain Home High School stated, “Participating in NSN for the benefit of cancer awareness is amazing. I fully support this and I hope and pray that people contribute to fundraisers and such. I also hope that the patients and family members of cancer will be treated and be healthy and happy, just like they deserve.” Haley Hartman, senior at Mountain Home High School stated, “I think it’s a great idea. I do feel it’s a little more impactful when women do it, because its a part of a stereotypical image that women shouldn’t have body hair. It speaks louder when woman participate to show awareness, and bring light to the fundraisers ued. When men do it however, it shows they understand the issues women have about this as well. Overall, I think it’s amazing.”

If you’d like to donate during this time, is where I recommend to donate to. Cancer is such a hard and difficult thing to process, so it would be amazing to change some people’s lives.