4 A.M. – Student Directed One-Act

Sarah Howell, Reporter/Photographer

The MHHS Theatre’s next play will be 4 A.M., a one-act by Jonathan Dorf. A one-act is simply a play that is one act long as opposed to 3-5 acts. 

This one-act is different from their last play in that this play will be directed by Brianna Ifland, a senior at MHHS. While Brianna is the director, she isn’t going in blind. Mrs. Maupin is still present for rehearsals. 

When asked about her role, since she isn’t the director, Mrs. Maupen said that she was more of a mentor. She’s there to encourage Brianna, answer questions, and be a resource for her. 

“4 A.M. is an episodic, monologue-driven, short, play about a variety of characters at 4 A.M,” said student director, Brianna Ifland. Brianna said that her favorite part of directing this play so far was watching it all come together as well as a more rounded experience.

“[My favorite part is that] even though the characters are teenagers, what they are experiencing is something we can all connect with. And I like that we get this little window into their true selves and really getting to know the characters,” said Mrs. Maupin.

The actors and actresses that you can expect to see in this play are Joia Traver, Reagan Brawner, Kelso Haught, Trevi Sheaner, Sierra Trogdon, Dylan Pollock, Kathleen Draper, Taylor Haught, Britney Jenkins, Kylie Andrews, Isabella Adkins, Noah Ireland, Audrey Young, Hanna Carlisle, Julianna Pickers, Aidan Wilson, Mia Green, Jasmine Quinn, and Zoe Croom. 

The technical aspects of the play will be in the capable hands of Taylor Schumacker, Olivia Martin, Olivia Brewer, Angie Bustamante, and Jada Baker.

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