MHHS Taking On College Application Campaign Month


Makayla Kellem, Reporter/Photographer

October is national College Application Campaign Month and Mountain Home High School is racing to get students involved. 

Career Coach Tracy Stevens explained, “October is an important month for applying to college because there are many colleges who have priority deadlines as early as November. This means that you need to be fully accepted to college by those deadlines to be considered for the best scholarship opportunities … getting those applications completed and acceptance letters early can mean more money for college!” 

Throughout the month of October, the career coaches have gone to senior English classes, advisory classes, and even concurrent courses to talk to students about applications. As an added bonus to increase involvement, each student who applies during this month will receive a complimentary cookie and or prize.

Senior Sydney Goettler commented, “I like that the school does events like this, it feels like they notice our effort. It’s easy to get mixed in with the crowd here, so knowing that someone appreciates and notices us is cool.”

“The weekly prizes are cookies, which are made by the Food Production class here at MHHSCA, and are given to each new student who applied to a college that week. Then we take those same students and draw 3 names for our weekly prizes. These are very nice leather padfolios stuffed full of college memorabilia and a gift card/coupon from a local business. Some of the businesses who have given this year are Cove Coffee and Bomb Nutrition. Then at the end of the month we have a grand prize that is also donated by a local business. We try to get things that students would be able to use when going to college and living on their own,” expressed Stevens.

At the end of the month the grand prize winner will be announced, receiving a brand new microwave and Amazon Alexa speaker provided by Driftwood Lanes and Baskin Robbins. 

“After high school I’m planning on going to Missouri Welding Institute,” senior Emma James stated. She continued, “The cookies were a sweet bonus during AAP, and it’s nice knowing that I might win something that can help me later on.”

Stevens concluded her interview by expressing, “If I could give any advice to students, it would be that college is possible for everyone, but it looks different for each person. Some may choose to go to a Technical School to learn a trade, or some may go to a Community College to get their Associates Degree, and others will go to that traditional four year university. The goal is to make sure you are getting some sort of training to help you be successful in life and although that looks different for everyone, almost all careers require some sort of college!”