Mind the GAPP


Ethan Campbell and Sarah Howell

On September 20th, 2021, the White House announced a policy change permitting to foreign travel to be implemented in early November. This policy change will allow most of Europe to travel to the USA with some restrictions. 

The new guidelines will allow certain vaccinated foreigners to travel by air to the USA. However, not all of Europe is included in the relaxed travel restrictions. The policy has changed the guidelines of the Schengen area and other regions across the globe. 

The Schengen area is composed of 26 countries, including Poland, France, Austria, and Germany. For Germany, the U.S. requires full vaccinations and a negative test before traveling.

With Germans being able to travel to the USA, MHHS students may be able to experience the GAPP (German American Partnership Program) trip again. There are some uncertainties that come with participating. There may not be as many German students interested in the GAPP trip as there are American students. 

Assuming the trip becomes a viable option for potential members of the GAPP program, is there enough interest? 

Some of them are possibly even worried that buying a ticket, even though it’s possible or will soon be possible to travel here, maybe that could change again.”

— Herr Francis