Behind the Scenes of Wiley and the Hairy Man

An up-close look at the makings of the fall production


Makayla Kellem, Reporter/Photographer

MHHS fall production Wiley and the Hairy Man was performed in the Dunbar Auditorium at 7pm on October 8 and at 3pm on October 9.

Director Mrs. Maupin stated, “This play should resonate with everyone who has ever had to face their fears head on. WILEY is a colorful character who must discover that he has the courage and the creativity to face his number one foe. His journey is a fun one for the whole family.”

The cast was as followed:

Wiley – Cayden Sabella

Mammy – Brianna Ifland

Dog – Elijah Willams

Hairy Man – Dallin Stephens

Chorus – Jaden Barnes, Raegan Brawner, Rachel Chamberlin, Julianna Pickers, Trevi Sheaner, Caelei Stanton, Sierra Trogdon, Aidan Wilson, Audrey Young

Production Team:

Stage Manager – Taylor Schumacker

Lighting Design – Olivia Martin

Sound/Qlab – Noah Ireland

Makeup Design Crew – Abbey Ballettiere, Ella Dover, Jasmine Quinn

House Management Team – Hannah Carlisle, Kaylee Ellison, Landon Witt

Stage Crew – Mia Green, Sarah Montelongo, Charlie Stroup, Christian Young

The cast and crew worked tirelessly for roughly seven weeks on this production. Each individual involved played a distinct and important role in the making of the performance.

Aiden Wilson elaborates on the importance of ensemble here.

Most students that aren’t involved with theatre don’t know how much effort is put into every step of the process.

Stage Manager Taylor Schumacker stated, “I am the stage manager. I aid the director (Mrs. Maupin) by knowing the ins and outs of the play. I keep up with attendance, lines, props, actor formations, and set pieces. During the actual productions, I stay backstage and cue lights, sound, and set changes.” Schumacker continued, “My favorite part of the production so far is watching everything come together from the ground up. It’s so cool to watch how we can start with just a script and make the whole show become our own.”

Chorus member Caelei Stanton elaborated, “In this play specifically I’ve really enjoyed being able to experiment more with different movements on stage and the noises the chorus gets to make in order to let the audience have the full experience of being in the setting with the play.”

Wiley and the Hairy Man is distinct for its eerie deep-swamp setting, and most of which was created by the chorus member’s attire and vocals. 

Dallin discusses his view of the show here.

This performance is truly a work of art that was a captivating experience for people of all ages. A large thanks goes out to everyone