Bombers on the Silver Screen: Everything you need to know about Homecoming 2021


Brianna Ifland, Editor/Reporter

As September comes to a close, and ballots flood students’ emails, one thing is crystal clear: homecoming season is right around the corner. With the larger-than-life theme of “Bombers on the Silver Screen,” here’s everything you need to know about royalty, parades, and everything in between. 

Nominations for each class closed on September 24, and the following students were chosen for the court:

Freshmen Knights- Landon Witt, Noah Recktenwald

Freshmen Maids- Kaitlyn Vanderstek, Teagen Wolford

Sophomore Knights- Robert Dover, Noah Lagg

Sophomore Maids- Regan Hawkins, Merritt McConnell

Junior Knights- Mason Cruse, Elijah Lagg, Tomas Seamans

Junior Maids- Olivia Brewer, Cambelle Lance, Trevi Sheaner

Senior Knights- Alex Arp, Ian Blair, Darren Blount, Gage Chaney, Luke Darracq, Brody Patterson, Andrew Westphal

Senior Maids-Madelyn Lynch, Laurel Chafin, Kiah Beard, Bailey Due, Zoe Croom, Gisele Yousif, Georgia Burnham

Though it’s yet to be announced when voting for King and Queen will be open, the pseudo-monarchs will be crowned by last year’s Homecoming Queen, Savannah Scott, during the game on October 22.

Scott says, “I’m so excited to get to come back. Being in the Razorback Marching Band at UArk makes it hard to find time to come home, so I’m beyond excited that I’ll be able to come home for such a great tradition.” 

Despite the lack of festivities last year, a full homecoming parade has been approved for October 20 at 5:30 on State Highway 5 North. It will begin at Redeemer Lutheran Church and ends at Guy Berry College & Career Academy. The individual maids and knights will be showcased, as will class floats and representatives from various clubs sporting banners aligning with the cinematic theme. Those same banners will be displayed at the stadium during the game.

Both floats and banners will be judged based on factors such as creativity, student participation, and relevancy to the theme. Building will begin Sunday, October 17, and ends the following Tuesday night.

Class of 2022’s 50s themed float from their sophomore year.

“Last time we had a real [homecoming] was sophomore year,” says senior class president Kaylee Drake, “It feels like we’re finally getting back into the swing of things… our sophomore year, we won [the float competition], so there’s added pressure, but that makes it fun. Participating in the parade means people get to see what we’re up to.” 

A powderpuff tournament is scheduled for that same morning, and students are encouraged to reach out to their class sponsors or officers for more details or requests for involvement. There’s a push for the return of male cheerleaders this year. 

Junior Trey Czeschin says, “I’ve heard about [male cheerleading] and my cousin got to do it… He lives in southern Arkansas. I saw it and thought, ‘Wow, that seems like a fun thing we could do’… That’s not me wanting to dress up like a girl, that’s me wanting to cheer and support the powderpuff [team].”

Unfortunately, it’s unlikely to be approved. More information– pom-poms and otherwise– will be announced as we get closer to the actual week. 

Despite an absence of a dance, a pep rally bonfire will take place on the practice fields Thursday night to hype the student body for the game the next night. Although there is no fee for admission, donations are happily accepted and other concessions will be sold (most notably s’mores). Student Council plans for a collaborative Spotify playlist to be open to students to add their favorite jams to, but note that inappropriate songs will be filtered out on the mix actually played. 

For any questions or clarifications, contact Student Council sponsors Laken Hopper or Tammye Quick.