Future for FFA


Kelen Campbell, Reporter/Photographer

As the season of Autumn falls around us, FFA at MHHS begins to participate in state conventions and conferences.

Future Farmers of America is an Agricultural club, involving students who are interested in a future involving things such as raising animals, or growing crops.

Senior, Macey Dent was interviewed about her FFA experience, and what her and her peers have accomplished throughout their agricultural careers.

“To me, FFA was a way for me to get involved and make new friends. I enjoy it because I get to travel all around the state with amazing people competing in career development events and I also enjoy being on their agricultural journey.”

She continued to talk about her animals. “I show two goats. Demeter is my female, and Achilles is my male. Then I have a heifer and her name is Mooella Deville.”

There are a few events coming up for the FFA community. Oct 7 is the beginning of the Arkansas State Fair, Oct 27 is the National FFA Convention, Nov 19 is the Arkansas FFA Shooting Sports event, and Dec 3 is the Winter Leadership Conference.

Dent says “At conventions or conferences, some people compete in contests and some people walk around going through all the booths. We all go to sessions where people talk about agriculture and FFA. Sometimes there are concerts and rodeos.”

Next was about what happens at shows. “At livestock shows, I’m usually stressed out. For my goats, I’m usually making sure they’re drenched and that they’re making the same weight. My heifer is different. I’m making sure she’s drinking and keeping her tied up. 

FFA.org says 92 percent offer agriscience; 71 percent offer advanced agriscience and biotechnology; 59 percent offer agricultural mechanics; 49 percent offer horticulture; 43 percent offer animal science; 24 percent offer environment-related careers.

FFA provides an opportunity to prepare for future careers while involving students in doing agricultural things they love.