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Tennis ball and racket on hard court under sunlight

Micaela McLean, Reporter/Photographer

The 2021 season has been very different for the players of the Mountain Home High School Tennis Team. They have endured many changes due to Covid-19 getting a new coach. 

“It has been a challenging season because I got Covid in the middle of the season and having a new coach has changed things as well,” says Junior, Erin Recktenwald.

Due to personal reasons, previous coach Calvin Henry resigned. The team now has Junior High teacher, Noah Chagnon. Getting a new coach has been difficult for everybody but everyone has come to love Coach Chagnon in their own special way. 

“It would’ve been better to play more but due to Covid I’ve only been able to play one match,” Recktenwald states.

“Even though Covid is on the decline, the nasty sickness is still affecting people in Mountain Home,” says Sophomore Bentleigh Croom. 

Being on the tennis team has helped players form relationships with people they never would’ve met without tennis. 

“Being on the team has helped me learn how to build better relationships,” says Senior, Luke Darracq, “I never would have met and gotten to know these people if I didn’t decide to join tennis.”

As the season is coming to an end and conference begins in less than a week, the players of the MHHS tennis team are starting to feel the sadness about the seniors leaving. 

“I’m so sad about the seniors leaving”, states Croom, “I got really close to them and it’s gonna be hard not having them here.”

As conference approaches and the team has two home matches this week, they will have to buckle down and get prepared to win conference and go to State. Good Luck Bombers!

Senior night is on September 23, 2021 for the tennis team and there will be a home match against Van Buren starting at 4:00 p.m.

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