Fashion Styles with No Name


Katarina McFarland, Journalist

Fashion is very versatile, and has many different niches: punk, goth, VSCO, and many more… but what about the outfits that are just “thrown together”?

Senior Micaela McLean– a tennis player and member of the journalism staff– doesn’t limit herself to just one style. 

“I have a bit of a ‘thrift store style,’” she says, “But I do have a variety of clothing for different activities like lounging, tennis, and et cetera.”

Though people are pressured to find their aesthetic and stick to it, human beings are multifaceted and their clothing will reflect that. Different activities demand different outfits– who would wear pajamas to a tennis match?  

However, it can’t be denied that the clothes a person wears often tell you what they do, what they like, and what kind of person they are. Though some, such as Micaela, don’t like to fit themselves into just one box, others embrace their niche. 

“People don’t have to be defined by their clothing,” McLean says. “Clothing should make a person happy, not force others to like them.” 

Ultimately, fashion is an art, and teens these days are too busy trying to be Picasso rather than themselves. They worry about their looks and forget how to make themselves happy. People can have their own opinion of clothing and should use fashion as a method to show it. They shouldn’t be puppets of pop culture or popularity– mankind is diverse, and their clothes will reflect that. Let your colors and styles show!