New Kid in Town

Katarina McFarland, Reporter/Photographer

The first day of school is a mix of emotions for all students; nervous, excited, and deadly afraid.  Multiply that by 10 for the new NEW students in school, fresh from a totally different state! New students in our school district shared their impressions of our school. 

Elliana Maciel is from California and she is in the 10th grade. When asked about the environment at MHHS she said, ¨The school is more comfortable than my old school, because the building at my old school is so large. It was difficult to get to classes, while here the building is smaller and the classes are easier to get to.¨

Compared to her school in California, Maciel noticed a smaller amount of activities here. ¨Yes, there should be more variety of clubs and sporting activities. Also, equipment in different clubs should be more upgraded or should get fixed. But on the sports there should be more than the basics, there should be sports like; boxing, girls football, etc.¨

She has already discovered her favorite classes,  ¨I look forward to programming, world history, art, and journalism. Because those classes are actually fun and interesting to learn.¨

When asked if she plans to graduate from MHHS she remarked, ¨Yes! The way teachers teach here is amazing and different. So what they teach me and the others are really useful in the future!¨


Isaiah Merry is another 10th grade student that is from Indiana, he is also the new defense in the MHHS football team. When he was interviewed, he was open to the experience, not nervous. 

His experience joining the football team helped him feel welcome, ¨A lot of great people on the (football) team, it is like a loving community!

When asked how the team could improve he stated, ¨Putting people in position. There should be more members though, including stamina.¨

He also commented on the welcoming atmosphere of the school,  The students and teachers are very welcoming, (Although) with me being new here in Mountain Home, I never saw anything that is terrible or anything that would make MHHS a bad place!¨

This is a good sign because many new students have issues with students from different states, even countries. They get even more nervous and disappointed to know that they may never see their old friends again or for a long while.

¨Yeah it was a little nerve-wracking to be in a totally different school, plus a totally different town,” said Issah Merry. 

Hopefully, students and teachers will go out of their way to make new students feel welcomed.