Prom 2021


Wyllow Larsen, Reporter/photographer

Photo courtesy of JGaston photography

Last weekend, MHHS seniors and their plus ones were able to enjoy a night out where social distancing and mask-wearing seemed like a thing of the past. A group of students’ parents organized an event that was meant to mimic prom, and give their kids a sense of normalcy. The event was held at Stone Creek Ranch on May 2nd, and was enjoyed by those who attended.

“I was surprised and I was very relieved when I heard that we were going to get to have [a prom] because I would have been super disappointed without one since we’ve already missed out on so much this year,” Karoline Yeakley, Senior, says. “My favorite part was when my friends and I were just all dancing on the floor and couldn’t have cared less about anything else but having fun in that moment.”

Mr. Bevel, a teacher that attended the dance says, “Before this, I hadn’t attended a prom as a chaperone. I think after that experience I’ll probably go again. It was good to see kids of all social groups having fun and dancing together.”

One noteworthy thing about this dance is the fact that it was mask-free, and no social distancing rules were enforced.

Yeakley notes, “It felt normal to me just because I’ve been waiting for everything to return to our basic form of “normalcy” for so long. It was so much easier to have fun because I didn’t have to be super conscious about how close I was to someone or if my mask was falling down.”

Senior Haley Czechin says, “As I was telling one of my friends, this feels normal, like before Covid. So that was pretty cool.”

As the school year finishes up and seniors try to cope with that end-of-the-year stress, I’m sure this night proved to be a reminder of the good times that are yet to come their way.