New Illness Hits MHHS Hard

New Illness Hits MHHS Hard

Wyllow Larsen, Reporter/photographer

Senioritis: a lethal illness that Urban Dictionary describes as: A disease affecting mostly high school seniors. Symptoms include laziness, lack of motivation, a constant feeling of exhaustion, and an excessive wearing of track pants.

A recent study by Omniscient shows that 78 percent of all high school seniors experience senioritis. So it’s real, it’s out there, but how heavily has it affected our seniors, and how are they coping with it?

Haley Czeschin says, “I’ve had senioritis all year, I’m just ready to leave and I’m ready to start my life. I’m at the point in my senior year that I feel like I’m prepared enough to get going and start meeting new people and get a new start.”

Another senior, Tyler Firment admits,

“Of course I have [been experiencing senioritis]. Everything has begun to overwhelm me to the point where I am deeply depressed and have little motivation to do anything outside of work and running.”  ”

— Tyler Firment, 12

As we can see, the effects of senioritis can affect the work ethic, mental health, and motivation of seniors who are anticipating graduation and the start of the rest of their lives. Dealing with all of this though, what is their reason for pushing through?

Czeschin plans to go to the University of Arkansas to study architecture. She says, “I think [to cope] I’ve just been counting down the days, so that’s obviously a big part of it, and knowing that like, I need to get my diploma to move on. So I guess it’s kind of just the reward at the end that’s been keeping me going.”

“I think a big motivator for me is looking forward to life after high school. Every time I start to get discouraged and start that spiral of negative thinking, I just try to remember that this year is almost over and soon I’ll be in the next chapter of my life”, comments Elizabeth Johnson.

After graduation, Firment hopes to attend A-State in Jonesboro and complete the physical therapy program while participating in their track and cross country team. 

He says, “Looking forward to plans for my future should help, and it partially does, but [burnout] really is an unstoppable, all-consuming wave that often gets in the way of me completing things I need to do to finish the year.” 

So, while it may still go unrecognized in the DSM-5, we can all understand the severity of the effects of senioritis. To avoid feeling these effects, suggests that seniors, “Enjoy their senior experience, commit to an internship or career-focused job, keep a calendar of deadlines and other important dates, and avoid obsessing over the college admission process.”

By doing some/all of these things, it may help alleviate some of the stress that seniors are feeling, and encourage them to remember that there are only a few short weeks left of school until they get to begin the rest of their lives.