Yes and Yes!


Joia Traver, Co-Editor

The plan is a-go! After the counting for the new tax plan for the community center votes was finalized, the majority came to be in favor of both proposals. The proposal for the .5% sales tax to build the center was 807-760, and the .25% sales tax to support the parks was 835-737 votes.

The process of building the community center can’t begin until the city bonds are issued for the multiple projects. This will mean that until the bond underwriters and city attorneys get everything planned out, the construction will have to be held off. Mayor Hillrey Adams says that the work on this center will most likely begin in nine to twelve months. 

“The Aquatic Center is what will take the longest,” explains Danni Pugsley, “we are looking at about three years for that construction.”

With all the accessories included with the proposed pool, it will most likely be the last thing Mountain Home residents see go up. The community center itself will be built in two to three years, and there’s rumor of it including an RV lot that visitors could use for big tournaments. Located right off of Highway 62, McCabe Park is where the community center and aquatic park are planned to be built. 

“I would love to teach swimming,” Micah Cruise, former swimmer, says, “Once this place opens up, I’ll definitely try to get a spot there.”

Even though the end date is too far away now to grasp, the voting secured some job opportunities and new things to ponder when looking for a job. With an entire pool and water park going in, demand for lifeguards, janitors, and swim trainers will rise through the roof. With the city pool only having a couple of lifeguards, many teenagers will have more things to do over the summer or during the school year. 

“I didn’t really ponder how the team would change once they have a ‘home pool’,” the swim team coach, Hope Normandy, says, “but I see only good things ahead for the swim team.”

If there’s any group that’s excited the most about this, it will no doubt be the swim team. After practicing in a three-lane pool since the beginning of time and having to travel to every meet, the aquatic center will change things drastically. 

“Primarily, it gives our community a chance to see our athletes compete in a home meet,” Normandy explains, “it will also cut the time missed for class on meet days we host.”

Many students are very excited about this center, even if they won’t get to experience it while in high school. Some agree that they would have loved to enjoy the facility when they were young, so they are happy that future generations will get to have a place to hang out. 

“I can’t wait to see how future swimmers improve in this pool,” Aidan Wilson exclaims, “Although I myself won’t get to use it, it’s nice to know others will have the opportunity to.”