Spring Formal: A Fairytale Ending

Spring Formal: A Fairytale Ending

Wyllow Larsen, Reporter/photographer

Seniors! We are rounding the corner of a very, very long year; a year that we all know has been no easy ride, which is why the announcement of a Spring Formal in May is especially exciting. This year’s Spring Formal will certainly be like no other, and there’s a lot to look forward to.

The Spring Formal will be held at Stone Creek Ranch on May 2nd, at 6:30 pm. with a theme of, “Fairytale Ending”. Stone Creek; per CDC guidelines, will only be allowing a capacity of 200 people, which is why buying tickets before the deadline of April 2nd is so important. 

The fact that the senior class alone has almost 300 students, and that they, unfortunately, had to miss out on prom their junior year, led to the decision being made to make this a seniors-only event. 

“I think, considering the fact the class of 2021 has had both their proms canceled, everyone involved has a positive attitude about putting together a Spring Formal in place of prom”, Says Stephanie Caraway, “This class deserves a celebration, and thankfully has many parents associated with the class who are extremely willing to pitch in to make the event special. Everyone involved is excited.”

Senior Victoria Bevel notes that while prom may not be able to be replicated as it has in the past, she is glad that some kind of event is being put on. 

“Last year I didn’t mind missing prom but when they canceled it this year I was really upset because I have never gotten to attend prom. I think the people involved in planning the senior formal are doing the best they can to make the event fun…”

Seniors who plan on being in attendance are allowed to bring a plus-one anywhere from grade 9 through age 21. Information on how closely you will be allowed to dance with your date is still to be determined. This, and other social distancing/mask rules are all dependent on the state governor’s rulings prior to May 2.

I think it is also important to note that this is not a school-sponsored event. Spring Formal started out as a Facebook group of supportive parents who wanted to give Seniors one last thing to look forward to, and that’s what they plan to do.

“This was a trying and difficult year for the staff and administration at the school. Their hands were tied by regulations”, Jennifer Spaulding, parent and one of the founders of this event says, “We appreciate everything MHHS has done for our students.  Parents just wanted to let the seniors have one more event before they start their new lives next year!”

Juniors, if you feel like you’re missing out, there’s no need to worry. you may be missing out on this year’s prom, but there are high hopes that you will get to experience it next year.

“I think everyone is optimistic that the issues caused by the pandemic will begin to improve and that prom can happen next year in the same way it has in years prior to the pandemic.  There’s no way to predict the future, but I am definitely hoping for more normalcy moving forward”, Caraway says.

Spaulding states, “Parents know how difficult this has been on school administration.  But as time goes on, we know that we will all start getting back to a normal way of life.  Hopefully, by next year, things will go back to normal, even if there are some adjustments!”

Bevel comments, “I am very excited to have the spring formal. I think it’ll be the most “normal” thing that has happened in the last year and it will be fun to get dressed up, dance, and forget about everything going on in the world.”

The event is planned to feature local food trucks, food and drinks, music by DJ Peace, and photography by Jana Gatson. It will be a night to let loose, have fun, forget about reality and live in a fairytale, even if only for a night.