New Electives for the 2021-22 School Year


Makayla Kellem, Writer

Starting in fall of the 2021-2022 school year, MHHS will be adding the courses Costume Design and Life and Fitness Nutrition. Both classes will be counted as Career Focus elective periods. Costume Design classes will be taught by Mrs. Maupin in room 208, while Life and Fitness Nutrition will be held in room 301 by Mrs. Fowler.

Costume Design requires either completion of Theatre I, or an artistic evaluation of illustrations provided by the said student. During the year students will learn all about the history of fashion, along with constructing outfits to be worn during MHHS productions. 

Instructor Karen Maupin explained, “The course includes a study of the requirements of the costume designer in production, learning the design process, rendering costume designs, and learning basic construction of the costumes themselves.”

Students will also have the opportunity for an off-campus field trip to watch a live theatrical performance.

For more information regarding this course, please contact Mrs. Maupin at [email protected], or during her period 8 prep hour. 

Life and Fitness Nutrition is a level 3 course, requiring completion of classes Family and Consumer Sciences and Food and Safety Nutrition beforehand. 

Instructor Kim Fowler evaluated, “This is a level three course apart in the Nutrition, Science, and Dietetics program of study. It is a combination of Health, Nutrition, Sports Nutrition, and fitness.”

Classes like such provide students with lifelong knowledge, that they most likely wouldn’t have gained otherwise.

For more information regarding this course, please contact Mrs. Fowler at [email protected], or during her period 7 prep hour.