One Small Step for Kamala, One Giant Leap for Womankind

How the inauguration of Kamala Harris will impact future generations.

Countless young girls dream of becoming princesses, queens, or presidents, but on January 20, Kamala Harris was inaugurated as the first female and POC Vice President of the United States. Women and POC across the country celebrated this enormous feat in many different ways, but what does this mean for those who are now growing up with a female in office?

Junior Gisele Yousif stated, “I think that having a female Vice President in office will inspire younger girls. Younger women will see how females can also have leadership, ambition, and an opinion.” 

Yousif then elaborated, “Kamala Harris has given speeches before, reminding younger girls that this is a country of possibilities. Having her as Vice President will aspire many young women to have a leadership role in the future.”

Another student anonymously shared, “Although she has had setbacks as a prosecutor and has been ridiculed for many decisions, Vice President Harris has had a successful career. I don’t necessarily agree with all of her decisions as a prosecutor, but I realize that she makes mistakes like all prosecutors do from time to time. Her election as a Vice President is a monumental moment for individuals of color and women. Having women in legislation is extremely important as there has always been a lack of representation at the highest level. Through this election, Kamala has shown that women are not lesser beings and deserve the equalities that others receive and provides hope and optimism to young women worldwide.”