MHHS’s Sweetheart King and Queen Tell All

MHHSs Sweetheart King and Queen Tell All

Joia Traver, Co-Editor

Magic mirror on the wall, who’s the sweetest of them all? Well, we don’t need a magic mirror to answer that question, because Charles Hubbard and Mattie Belk were crowned the 2021 Sweetheart King and Queen at the 2021 Sweetheart game.

After receiving such a big title, the newly crowned king and queen were asked what their reaction was at the time of the coronation. 

“I was so surprised when I heard my name called. It was not what I was expecting at all. Who would have thought Mattie Belk would get Queen? Not me!” says Senior Mattie Belk.

“As I heard my name echo from the walls of the gym, establishing that I had successfully been crowned king, I could not help but grin. My valiant efforts did not go to waste. I overcame the competition and because of this it has been deemed the best moment of my life,” Charles Hubbard explains.

Covid restrictions made this year look a little different than last’s, but that doesn’t mean that there wasn’t any fun. When asked about their favorite parts of being on court, the royalty had quite a few things to say. 

“This year I had some of my closest friends on the court with me, being Marcie and Reagan. I was so happy I got to experience such a special moment with them. I was really happy that we were still able to do everything this year with everything going on!” Belk explains.

“My favorite part of being on court? There are many options to choose from. I suppose my favorite part was breaking tradition. Until now, there has been a mold that was morally agreed on upon by 51dc532607121cbe7fb52335-Conflict_202_20PPT (1) the students within our school. The ones with a lot of friends or a big reputation would win. It was essentially a popularity contest. I decided to go against the grain and fight for the people who didn’t have a lot. I feel as if they vicariously lived through me as they watched me rise to the top. That’s what I liked, watching the school come together. Regardless of how silly the cause may sound, I successfully made everyone collaborate and work together,” Hubbard remarks.


Senior Mattie Belk was also on court last year as a Junior. Because the two years were such different experiences and Belk got to be in both of them, she was asked which year she liked better.

“I would definitely have to say that I enjoyed this year better than last year, which is crazy to think since Covid wasn’t going on last year. Being a senior while on Sweetheart Court is just more exciting and fun in my opinion. It really made me realize that high school is coming to an end because I knew I would never be able to wear pretty dresses in front of my classmates again!” Belk says with a smile. 

As some of the students may know, there was a little “pre-game” to the Sweetheart Game between King Charles Hubbard and classmate Aidan Wilson. An online fiasco appeared days before the coronation, and although it was just started as a joke, many other classmates jumped on board as well. Hubbard was asked how he thought this little debacle changed the outcome for the votes of Sweetheart King. 

“For once, the school was interested in a school event that is usually overlooked by those who didn’t get nominated to be on court. Every year you see nominees begging their peers to vote for them. They would comply and not question it, but I chose to do something different. I chose to make it feel as if the students actually were a part of sweetheart. I started this journey to see how far I could make it, and to be honest, I didn’t think I would get very far, but boy was I wrong. Occasionally I would post about sweetheart as a parody, mocking the tactics others used to win, but the one that made me an overnight sensation was my little quarrel with Aidan. Similar to me, Aidan decided to go against the grain. He told people not to vote for me. This turned into a little rivalry and the whole scenario seemed interactive. People would take sides on social media and it was as if Aidan and I were living through a war where only one could come out alive. Because of him, I believe that my chances were higher because he is a big reason the school jumped on board. It was like a big game of role-playing,” Hubbard comments. 

The pep rally, coronation, and the game was a huge night for everyone involved and sparked many other entanglements with classmates as well. 

“I cannot wait to come back next year and crown the new queen!”