Strike, you’re… in! Bomber Bowlers Make State


Brianna Ifland, Co-Editor

On Thursday, February 4, both the men’s and women’s Bomber bowling team qualified for state at the 5A West Conference Tournament. They traveled to Conway (the event being at Conway Family Bowl). The men placed 3rd and the women 5th. 

The tournaments work as follows: “We bowl three games as a team,” says senior Jessica Rula. “Each game consists of six people, and they are labeled [with letters A-F]. Then we bowl four baker games, which is still the ten frames, but only five people bowl, and they each bowl two frames.” 

Individual point sheets can be found here. Note that some bowlers with scores of zero may have not participated (as opposed to actually bowling a zero) and that Mountain Home bowlers are highlighted in yellow. The Lady Bombers scored a total of 2206, around 400 short of their male counterparts, with 2639. 

“The competition was very close and very intense,” says junior bowler Xzavier Anderson. “Every pin that we knocked down mattered.” 

That same energy will be carried to, if not doubled at, the upcoming state tournament– held at Hijinx Bowling Center in Jonesboro. 

“The team this year isn’t as experienced as last year’s team but they are still great players,” says Anderson. “We have lost a lot of seniors. The Team still tries to stay strong when there is a player out for COVID too. We have to try and still bowl the best we can.” 

Though this marks the season’s close, the schedule can be found here and updates on the team are on their Facebook. As there was a Google Meet for Conference, we can assume there will be something similar for State, but no announcements concerning live streaming have been made yet. 

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