Love Is In The Air, And So Is A Deadly Virus


Joia Traver, Co-Editor

With each passing day the season of love grows closer and closer, and no it’s not the Original Broadway Cast Recording from the musical Rent. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and things will definitely look different this year. When celebrating your special someone this year, there are a lot more things to take into consideration. Restaurant reservations will be limited, public attractions will be closed, and it just won’t be the same compared to past years. The usual dinner and movie dates will have to be replaced with at-home meals and a binge of the latest Netflix shows, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have to be fun. 

“There will definitely be a lot less kissing,” junior Darren Blount says, “because of the masks of course”.

Due to the fact that we are in, you know, a global pandemic, it may be best for you and your loved one to stay home and have a romantic home-made dinner. There are plenty of easy replica recipes from your favorite restaurants, so you could bond with your lover over a bowl of soup (or whatever you like). Also, this might help cut down on the cost you would usually have to spend on this holiday. Apart from the whole meal part of Valentine’s Day, you could also partake in a fun, romantic thing at the house, such as a movie. With the quarantine age still fresh in our lives, there are plenty of streaming devices to make sure you find the perfect movie, right in the comfort of your own house! No more gross movie theaters and the smell of popcorn ruining your experience. 

“I think there are a lot of other things people can do this Valentine’s Day to make up for the whole COVID-19 thing,” Aidan Wilson remarks. “It’s a good way to get people to be more creative anyways”.

If the day is nice and you would prefer not to stay indoors, there’s always the option of having a picnic in our beautiful community. We are surrounded by nature (this is the natural state after all), so you might as well take advantage of it. Getting take-out instead of dine-in is a great way to minimize the chance of getting exposed, and it frees up the options for location and time too. Whether it be a small lunch at the park or a sunset feast overlooking the river, there are all types of possibilities for an amorous date night in the outdoors. This way, even if there are some that can’t survive Valentine’s Day without the usual, customary activities, there will still be others that respect the guidelines for the current situation we are in. 

“I’m just glad that it will be somewhat toned down this year,” Asa Norwick responds when asked about his thoughts on this Valentine’s Day (at least someone is happy about it).

This holiday doesn’t have to be completely ruined because of COVID-19, and certainly can be adjusted so people can celebrate their feelings for each other. With simple alterations such as making your own dinner and ordering pick up from your favorite Valentine’s Day restaurant, we can all stay healthy this season, because the last thing that your special someone wants from you on this holiday is a positive test for corona.