MHHS Teachers React to the Pressures of Teaching in a Pandemic


Olivia James, Reporter/Photographer

 The first semester of 2020 has proved challenging for both students and teachers who have struggled with a number of things involving virtual school.  Teachers struggled with grading, knowing who to count absent, who is quarantined, and who is blended especially in the first week of school.

Coach Aklin is worried about his students who are struggling with their grades. The online grading system has also presented challenges.

“It’s overwhelming and stressful”,  Aklin stated.

He’s never been introduced to anything like Canvas and many other teachers haven’t either. Most teachers have two different role calls for each class.  It’s hard for them to tell who is quarantined and for how long if their name is even on the list. 

“It’s almost like a secret we’re not supposed to know,” says Coach Aklin.  He also has problems with the students’ lack of communication.

Mrs. Shay feels grading is way more grace-giving than it has been in the past due to the pandemic.  It’s more complicated for her to make a relationship with her students online and in-person. Even things like separating students into groups and activities like she’s done in the past have become increasingly complicated. 

For online students, Mrs. Shay relies on getting to know them through their work and the comments they make, however she did say there were some positives to the situation, “I’ve learned more about technology”.

For Mrs. Davidson, the struggle is gauging student reaction.

“When you’re not in person, you can’t as easily see the other person’s reaction to what you’re teaching.”

Even with this issue and technology troubles, she also said there were some positives involved. 

“Even when students are absent you can still connect with them and help them learn”, she stated.