Senior artist Ava

Senior artist Ava

Aaliyah Williams, writer/photographer

Senior Ava Obert, our town’s artist, is someone with a passion. When she works she “feels free”. Obert is hands down one of the most creative, passionate, and driven people, and all these things are perceived just by looking at her work.

Obert started lessons with Duane Hada when she was only nine years old. There’s so many reasons art can bring out a passion in you, but when did you really realize it?

“I realized I had a passion for painting literally after my first art lesson with Hada”, Obert says.

Noticing the little things in life and having a different perspective on things changes a point of view,

“Just the way the sun touches everything and the way light reflects is amazing. I could be painting a trash can halfway in shadow and halfway in light and I would think it was absolutely beautiful”, she states."Through the Trees"

Everyone has an environment that brings out the best no matter what’s going on in the world around you or what’s in the front of your mind. It’s somewhere you feel safe. Ava recently got her own studio where she can do her work and even have people come view her art.

“My favorite place to work is in my art studio or plein air painting, which means painting on site/outside”, she continued to say, “The thing I love most about being an artist is that there is an endless amount to learn, I will never know everything.”

The question that the readers may be wondering is why do you pursue art?

“That is a very complicated question. The best answer that I can give is that God has instilled a passion inside of me for painting. I have a burning itch to paint constantly. It’s just something that’s been inside of me and always has…always will be”, she said.

Some of the art you see in this article are her paintings and more can be found at: