Pinkston Robotics Gets “Active” in the Community

Pinkston Robotics Team works to get public more active


Olivia Martin, Staff

On Tuesday November 10th, the Pinkston Robotics team sent out a survey into the community asking community members how well they believe they exercise and when they do.  The survey’s goal is to research the physical activeness in our community for their FIRST Lego League Project which consists of the students brainstorming ways to get their community more active. The team plans to make an app like geocaching to get people to go on more hikes in our area. The app will showcase different trails and hikes that are in Arkansas and Mountain Home to get more people out into nature and keep them active.

Students researched places and things in our community that most people do not know about and worked with local professionals to gain information to make this app realistic. They also worked with their high school student mentors, Senior Eric Davis and Sophomore Olivia Martin, to make connections with the high school robotics team-The Bomb Squad. The team brought in Sophomore Mary Beth to help them to build a prototype app to test and work with before competitions. 

Crissy Davis describes the team’s survey as well as the FIRST Lego League theme for the year-

¨We are Pinkston Robotics, a FIRST Lego League team, and this year our theme is Replay. This theme deals with helping people to be more physically active. After a lot of discussion, we have decided that the best way to encourage people to be more active would be for us to create an app that lists all of the best hikes in the state of Arkansas. Our app will have search options to select the level of difficulty as well as special trail features such as waterfalls and scenic areas. We created this survey to help guide us in the right direction by using the data from it.¨

When asked about the purpose of the survey, Hannah Dooley explained: ¨To find out how many people are active, what trails they want to hike, and what other apps they have used.¨ 

Another student on the team Trinity Fenner explained some things that they hope to include in the app. ¨How long the hike is, different scenery, and wildlife guide¨

Anthony Desparrois explains what responses the team hoped to get from the survey saying, ¨We wanted to get a variety of different things so we could show it in a graph and show our data.¨

Audrey Ballard gave a short description of the app they plan to make: ¨We want it to have a weather feature so you can see the weather.  It can call emergency services and display different information about the hikes as well as where you parked your car.¨

To help support the FIRST Lego League team please fill out the survey below: If you have any questions please email Crissy Davis as [email protected] or Olivia Martin at [email protected]