Fools Fall in Love… with MHHS’s 2020 Madrigal!

Brianna Ifland, Editor/Reporter

“Lords and ladies, one and all

Join us in the banquet hall.

The path ahead is rather winding

But at the end thou will be finding

Pleasures aplenty for eye and for ear!

So Let us be gone, then, with good cheer!”

This Saturday, December 12th, the high school courtyard will be transformed into Deep Manor for the choir and theatre’s 2020 Madrigal. The cast will be performing Fools Fall in Love, written and compiled by Paul Brandvik, and the choir will be singing their regular carols with a series of solos, duets, and more to replace the usual concert portion of the show. 

“Madrigal is honestly one of the highlights of the year for me,” says senior Riley Straka, who is playing the role of jester for the second year in a row. “It’s the perfect way to get in the Christmas spirit. The combination of the beautiful singing of our incredible choir and the humor of the theatre really makes it a truly magical experience.” 

Sophomore Cayden Sabella will be portraying the king, with senior Rebekah Jackson as the queen. Their respective understudies are Jayden Henson and Isabelle Babin. Babin will be performing the “In the Bleak Midwinter” duet alongside Ella McCurley, as well as O Holy Night as a solo. 

Cayden states, “Being king means that the director has faith in me. It’s [stressful, but] fine.” 

Zoe Croom and Brianna Ifland will be singing What Child is This, and Mallory Pierski and Kinsey Taylor will perform Mary Did You Know. The other spotlight performances will be Cayden Sabella, Caitlyn King, Ella McCurley, and Hayden Moore with We Three Kings, Haylee Johnson and Carlie Corales with God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, and finally Emma Scott And McCurley singing O Come, O Come, Emmanuel. 

“I’ve never been a person that would want to be in the spotlight,” says Pierski, “but this year’s my senior year and I decided to do a special. It’s a really great way to showcase good singers and I’m glad our choir offers these kinds of opportunities.”

Zoe Croom and Isabelle Babin in costume during the 2019 madrigal (note that photos included in this article are pre-COVID)

Fanfares will be performed by a quintet from Bomber Bands, consisting of Ben Partney, Ashlyn Tilley, Joseph Castellani, Sarah Cupples, and Logan Ballard.

“I just think that it’s gonna be a fun opportunity to play in front of all the people there as they’re walking in,” Ballard says. 

There are two types of tickets: general admission and dinner. As per an announcement from the MHHS Choir social media, dinner guests will be seated in family pods of three, and two families will be seated at each table. Each student will be allowed three dinner tickets to sell $15/ticket. 

They will be serving neighbor’s mill bread loaf, hearty beef stew, catie’s cakes, cranberry orange custard tarts, and house-made wassail. Mrs. Fowler and her students are aiding in catering, providing the aforementioned soup. 

“It’s always our pleasure to help with the catering of events [such as Madrigal],” Fowler states. 

Caitlyn King, who is also a member of the chamber choir, will be baking a cranberry orange custard tart. “It’s just a tart base and then I fill it with custard… I top it with whipped cream, candied cranberries, and candied orange peels. I top it with powdered sugar,” says King. 

General admission guests are encouraged to bring lawn chairs and/or blankets to set up in the courtyard area. Each family pod will need to space six feet from the next family pod. No more than five general admission tickets per student per night. These are priced a bit cheaper at $10/ticket. 

“Guests must be masked upon arrival,” reads their post, “but may remove masks after they are seated. This event will be held OUTDOORS at the MHHS courtyard. Please enter through the front line of the high school.”

“It’s gonna be outside, so it’s gonna be cold, meaning that people may be [off-key],” says Sabella, “[but] at least we’ll be safe”

Due to a high chance of rain, the Friday show was canceled. All attendees were moved to Saturday and, if unable to attend, are eligible for a refund. 

However, there is a flurry of preparation (though a blizzard or avalanche may be more accurate) going on in our halls. With possibilities of cancellation, it was hard to put all their eggs in one renaissance basket, which makes this next day critical for the show’s outcome. 

Honestly, I’m just grateful that we’re gonna be able to [perform]… even if it’s outside in the middle of the winter.”

— Riley Straka

Straka states, “I do indeed hate that COVID has affected Madrigal the way it has, but honestly, I’m just grateful that we’re gonna be able to [perform]… I know so many events have been getting canceled or postponed, so it’s amazing to get to do it at all, even if it’s outside in the middle of the winter.”

We hope lords and ladies alike will show up and support our performing artists!