Bomber Navy JROTC Program Receives Outstanding Rating


Olivia Martin, Staff

On November 3rd,  Navy Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (NJROTC) cadets had their annual Navy inspection resulting in an Oustanding rating for the unit. This inspection is a review of the cadets in the unit as well as the chain of command in the unit.

The program is also assessed on is the new cadet squad. These cadets consisted of Brandon Koch, Ryan Amick, Emalyn Stephens, Emma Hale, Mason Bright, Gavin Branscomb, Kenzie Stanfield, Ashlyn Barnett.

The Armed Basic team is also assessed and consists of cadets who have experience with rifles and following a commander in a platoon. The cadets who were selected for this were, Levi Pennington, Faithe Hall, Justin Reynolds, Trinity Cruse, Paige Street, Ali King, Rayne Tilley, Alexis Gibson, Michael Langston, and Gabrielle Moreno.

Lastly, a color guard presentation consisting of the color guard team is assessed.  The cadets who participated in this were, American Flag: Gabriell Moreno, Right Rifle: Levi Pennington, Arkansas Flag: Rayne Tilley and Left Rifle: Trinity Cruse.

These cadets start working with this material months before the date of the inspection, spending school, and out of school hours to perfect every movement and command before the inspection happens. The inspection ends with the staff consisting of the commanding officer: Commander Gabrielle Moreno.