BB Staff Members Give Thanks


Makayla Kellem, Reporter/Photographer

Our Bomber Bulletin staffers were given the opportunity to express their thanks for the teachers and coaches who have impacted their lives. Here’s what they had to say:

Aaliyah Williams

I’ve made a lot of connections throughout the years with teachers inside and outside of the classroom. There is one teacher that I will never forget and will forever be grateful for and her name is Mrs.Trotter. Ever since I met her in grade six I have yet to meet a teacher as amazing as her. She’s always been there for me and has helped me push through difficult times and obstacles I never thought I would overcome.

Thinking back to when I was about twelve years old I had a hard time with school and staying on the right track. But she saw so much potential in me, and she would never let it get the best of me. Then she would remind me how amazing and worth it I am. Every time you pass her in the hall, enter her classroom, or even see her at the store she always has this big bright smile that lights up the whole room. I’ve always known her classroom was my safe space. If I ever needed to get away or take a break I would go to her room and catch my breath. Having that as a kid was more helpful than I knew at the time. In her class I not only became smarter but wiser as well, I got to grow as a person. I was able to find myself and become the person I am now and Mrs.Trotter was definitely a big part of it, that’s why I look up to her. I’m forever thankful for her and the role she’s played in my life.

Isaac Archey

I’m thankful for Coach Scooter. He’s my wrestling coach and has really helped me with my health, work ethic, and skills. He pushes us to be the best people we can be inside and outside of wrestling, he stays after practices to help us and is willing to get his hands dirty by getting on the mat and showing us a move first hand. A lot of the enjoyment I’ve had with wrestling has come from him, seeing his passion for the sport helps us focus and buckle down to get in extra reps or take our diets seriously. All in all, I’m thankful for Coach Scooter.

Mattie Boelkens

One staff member that I’m thankful for is Mrs. Quick. I’m thankful for her because she’s very sweet and is aware of our struggles. She works hard everyday and she’s met most of us at least once whether it was here or at Junior High back when she taught communications. She used to be the yearbook teacher so I personally feel like I can go to her as well for advice on pictures. She is always positive and overall is my favorite teacher. She also taught my mom when she was in school and I think that’s really cool. Mrs. Quick would gladly sit and listen to you if you needed to talk to her about something and I think that is really important for a teacher because it shows students that someone other than their friends cares. She also passes out candy to her students to motivate them to pay attention in class but that’s not the point. The point is that she knows what it’s like to be us because she herself has been through it and so have her daughters. Every day that she enters the room she asks how your day is going and I really enjoy that because none of my teachers ask that and it just shows that she cares about you.

Another staff member that I’m thankful for is Mrs. Hopper because she not only is the choir director but she’s a very good teacher. She gives out pointers on how to sound better. She works hard to teach us how to do certain things with our voices to make us sound a lot better when performing. Even though I have her class first thing in the morning she stays positive and very energized. She has a board called a celebration board where you talk about stuff that happened over the weekend or just something you need to get off your chest. When I enter her room I feel relieved and like I can talk about anything that was bothering me and the same goes for Mrs. Quick.

Jasmine Conner

Well since I am BVA this year I have had a different experience for my junior year of high school. I am not around any of the teachers or coaches, so different people have impacted my life this year. I spend a lot of time with my little brother Jace, who is one year old and he’s always there to make me smile. I love it when he just walks up in my room out of nowhere with the most random item ever. And even though he distracts me sometimes and tears up all of my things. I still couldn’t imagine this year or life in general without him.

Another person that has hugely impacted my Junior year is one of my good friends Sierra, she is also doing online schooling. She comes and does school with me a couple of days out of the week. Just having someone to talk with about assignments and rant all of your school frustrations to is super nice. Sierra is always on top of her work and most of the time she reminds me of some of mine. I love some mornings when she comes over and we make breakfast. Well, actually I make breakfast because in her words “You make it better”.

My mom has also had a major impact on this school year. She is always there for me when I need her, and helps me with as much as she can. This past year she has cooked me some of the most bomb dishes. And even though she struggles and we fight sometimes, I couldn’t imagine my life without her. I am so thankful for all of these individuals, and the ones I haven’t mentioned, who have been there for me through this crazy year of life.

Brianna Ifland

I’m thankful for all my teachers, really. I know it’s been a major struggle this year, what with staff and students alike being in and out of the building all the time. Learning virtually has been a challenge, to say the least, and I can only imagine what it’s like to be the ones managing the classes. However, I foremost want to thank Nurse Sue who has certainly been working hard to keep MHHS on campus as well as the counselors for keeping track of those going BVA.

When it comes to my personal achievements, though, there is certainly a small group of teachers who I must thank: Mr. and Mrs. Hopper, for helping my voice grow and strengthen. Had it not been for the lessons over the summer, I doubt I would’ve made All-Region. I feel so much more confident in my singing and I feel secure in my position as section leader thanks to the work you guys have invested in me. Mrs. Maupin, for providing me an array of opportunities as a thespian. I am so grateful to have been stage manager for Vintage Hitchcock and be cast in the one-act, as well as you pushing me to go for STO. Mrs. Rogers, Mr. Daniels, and Mrs. Chapman, for aiding me in my writing. Whether it’s strengthening my essays, helping me revise my plays, or giving me an opportunity to explore journalism, I feel so much more confident and accomplished in the writing that I do, and I know that it’s an avenue I want to delve further into.

Olivia James

I am thankful for Coach Fulcher, he’s always helping me and encouraging me with anything I need. He’s a very kind-hearted, selfless, and goofy person. He lets me know when he’s proud of me and what he’s proud of me for, and he helps me with … not only me but he helps any student that needs it.

Wyllow Larsen

The teacher that had the most impact on me was my fifth-grade teacher, Mr. Smith. I’m thankful for the way he made school fun. I woke up every morning excited to go to school and wondering what stunt he would pull next. He always told us that when we walked through the door to his classroom, all our problems were left outside and the only thing we worried about for the next 8 hours was school. I’m thankful for his enthusiasm and encouragement in my academics and sports, and the way that he got me interested in school again. He taught me that learning is fun and rewarding, and that self-discipline is at the center of it all.

Olivia Martin

One staff member that I am thankful for is Mrs. Chapman. I have her for my fourth block every day for yearbook and journalism. She is amazing and helps us with everything she can and keeps us working while still being able to have fun and talk to our classmates. Having her at the end of the day gives me something to look forward to and just make sure I have a good day. She cares about what might be happening in her classroom and makes sure we follow the rules without being overbearing about it. If I have a bad day or week I know having her class at the end of the day will make me feel better because she creates such a loving community in her classrooms.

Joia Traver

I am thankful for Herr Francis, the German teacher here at MHHS. For the past three years of my German classes, Herr Francis has made it nothing but an enjoyable, fun class where we also happen to get some german under our belt. He is very passionate about what he teaches and I think that’s something important in any teacher, but he also makes it entertaining for those of us that are learning it as well. I’ve always found myself looking forward to his classes because I just knew that it would make the day a little bit better. Sometimes core courses can get rough, and trust me after AP Chem on A day mornings, I’m a little brain-dead myself. Herr Francis will take this into consideration and try his best not to conflict with any test days or big projects, which is something that some don’t realize is so relieving. On top of all that, Herr Francis helped me get on track and got me caught up when I missed almost an entire semester. I’m grateful that he will go out of his way to make his students succeed and have a great time learning the German language. Now, I hope to take his lessons and classes beyond my High School experience and put some use to it where it matters.

Makayla Kellem

Ninth grade was a rough year to say the least. I struggled with many parts of daily life. My academics, self-image, and ability to follow through with anything diminished. Despite these hardships, there was always one teacher who helped the year be a bit easier. Mrs. Banter was my advisor and geometry teacher who made an impact on my life. Every day in class she did her best to individually interact with each student, as well as ensure they were doing well. It was obvious that she cared deeply for those who entered her classroom. There’s a memory that stands out in particular and will stick with me for a long time. Near the end of the year, many students had lost work ethic and began acting out. Looking back we were pretty rude to our teachers, but one day Mrs. Banter had enough. She broke down and yelled and told us that we couldn’t speak in her class for the rest of the hour. But two days later in her next class period, we entered the room to find three large boxes of doughnuts in every flavor possible. She told us that we would spend the day gathering and reconnecting with ourselves, and even gave us time to work on late assignments. We sat talking for the whole period about dozens of different things. While as a whole we didn’t deserve doughnuts for being rude, that day still sticks out. She was the only teacher who felt it was important for us to have a mental health day, and I’ll always be grateful for that.