Rise in Cheating Since COVID Struck


Wyllow Larsen, Reporter/photographer

In the age of technology, we have the world at our fingertips; the ability to get answers to any question at any time. Of course, this makes many aspects of everyday life easier but for students who are transitioning more and more towards virtual learning, is it making life too easy?

Due to the pandemic, a majority of students are attending school online this semester. With all school work being done on a computer and no teachers there to monitor them, it is no surprise that there is an increase in cheating.

In order to maintain a good reputation with other students and teachers the sources quoted will remain anonymous.

Student A, a high school junior says, “Honestly, I probably have cheated in every class so far. It’s just so easy it’s hard not to sometimes. If you don’t understand something, just pick up your phone and Google it.”

There are countless websites and apps that are designed to help students cheat. You can find entire tests, worksheets and quizzes with the click of a button; with all of this accessible, cheating is almost inevitable.

This lack of integrity and motivation has become a nationwide issue, and schools are exploring solutions.

We as teachers are brainstorming and experimenting with different apps that could lower the opportunities of cheating”, a teacher at MMHS says, “That will be discussed in our meetings that we have among teachers and administration from now to Christmas break. You may see something that gets implemented by the time we get back from winter break. I think for sure, 100%, that something will be in place by next school year as we figure out everything that Canvas can and can’t do. Canvas is still only a few months old for our district and we are learning new things about it everyday.”

This teacher also goes into depth about an app that the administration is currently using to monitor students: GoGuardian. Some students are under the impression that teachers have no clue they are cheating, but they will soon find out that they are wrong.

For instance, student C, a high school sophomore says, “It is easier to cheat because the material is right there in front of you and there is also no way to prove that you cheated because they can’t see you.” 

Little does she know that GoGuardian allows teachers to keep a closer eye on what students are doing on their computers and if they are staying on task. 

Student C, a junior high student states, “It’s not that easy to cheat, it’s actually pretty hard. My teachers can close out my tabs from their computer and see what I’m doing on mine at all times so it’s easy to get caught.” 

The goal of this app is to hopefully intimidate students enough to keep them from cheating. The use of apps like this are important during these times, to ensure that people are learning and not “Googling” their way through school. As we adapt to learning during COVID-19, we will continue to gain new ways to prevent cheating and increase learning.