MHHS Announces October Students and Teachers of the month

Olivia Martin and Mattie Boelkens

 Throughout the month of October, teachers nominate students who they see are working hard or working towards something productive. With many students nominated there is one chosen from each academy. Students honored were: Brianna Ifland(CAB), Gage Simons(ACME), and Ryle Patterson(HHS).

“It was kind of awkward, I walked into the room and I didn’t know quite what I was expecting,” Says Gage Simons. “I got handed this thing and told to say thank you to the camera, and I said thank you to the camera like three times. I was really confused at first because I just got an email and it said your student of the month come to this room at this time, and I was like I guess I’m a student of the month now and then I went to the room.”

When asked Rylee Patterson said, “It was exhilarating, I immediately told my mom. Honestly very surprised, I feel very honored to have been chosen by my teachers for this award.”

Brianna Ifland says, “It’s nice and I’m thankful, but I don’t work for the recognition.”

Students were most excited about the parking perk that came with the honor. “The parking spot for sure, it’s great. I get to park right up front and it helps on rainy days.” 

Rylee states, “Definitely the cool parking spot. It is close to the office and right next to Whit Lawrence.”

October teachers of the month were: Mrs. Pugsley(CAB), Mrs. Davidson(ACME), and Mr. Casteel(HHS). 

When given their awards the teachers were recorded as giving their genuine reaction on BNN. The BNN cameras came with Mr.Bogy and a fellow teacher to give the teachers their parking pass for the best parking spot in the house as well as their plaque to put in their room till the next month. 

When asked what her reaction was when she got her award Mrs. Pugsley said: “I was very surprised as I was not expecting it. I think every teacher deserves to be recognized this year for all of their hard work and dedication to teaching.” 

When asked what it was like to get a new parking spot by the office, all three teachers said they had not had the pleasure to use their parking spaces at the time due to where their classrooms are located. 

Although when asked what it is like being teacher of the month Mr. Casteel says: “I didn’t know I was being considered. I’m flattered I received the vote.” 

When asked the same question, Mrs. Davidson responded: “It was very sweet and very kind of the students and teachers to do that.”