Teachers Reflect on College Years


Olivia James, Reporter/photographer

October is Arkansas College Application Campaign month. Teachers are wearing their college shirts on Thursdays and posting college signs outside classrooms to start conversations with students about their next level of education. 

“The goal this month is to get the students excited about going to college”, said career coach Tracy Stephens. 

We interviewed teachers about their college experiences and advice they have for helping students choose their college. 

When asked about her advice for choosing a college Ms. Mattick said, ”Get your gen-eds out of the way in the first year or two don’t be afraid to go to a local/community college to get these finished, then apply and attend whatever college best fits your learning style and desired career. Don’t be afraid to take classes in different areas if you are not sure what you want to major in. Don’t be afraid to leave Mountain Home, AR, and don’t be afraid to make new friends and try new things! Chase your education dreams while you are young and have fun doing so. ”

Ms. Mattick went to Williams Baptist University for her Bachelor’s. She liked it because it has smaller class sizes so the professors paid more attention to their students and their education. She disliked how both places she went to had a lot of mosquitoes. She adds ”My older brother and one of my best buddies from high school both went there so I had visited there before to see them. Then I was contacted about cheering for WBU, so I decided to go there for 4 years. ”

She finished out her last years of school in ASU Jonesboro for her Master’s Degree. ”I’ve always liked the area and the school, so it was an easy fit for me to continue my education at A-State.” 

Mr. Bergenstock started out in a junior college in Fort Smith and was offered a scholarship to continue his education from UCA in Conway. They let him sing in choir so he favored them. 

”It was a lot of hard work, but I like that.” When asked what advice he has for selecting a school he replied, “If you don’t want to go, don’t go, but if you do want to go make sure you are doing what you want for certain and make sure you put 110% effort into it”

Mrs. Gipson finished out her Master’s at Texas ANU where she was completely online. She discovered the program from a Google search. When asked her where she would want to go if she had all the money in the world she replied, “Harvard! If El Woods can do it, I can do it.”