Art You Can Sit On


Makayla Kellem, Writer

Recently Mrs. Ivan’s art class and E.A.S.T. students have added new outdoor seating for the school. Brightly painted picnic tables have been assembled, designed, and placed throughout the courtyard and canopy hallway. Every tabletop has it’s own theme with separate meanings for each. These picnic areas have been placed in the courtyard for outdoor classes, lunchtime, or passing periods.

Art student Kaylee Anderson discussed how this project has impacted her.

“As someone who got to work on some of them, I feel a sense of accomplishment. Not many of the art students got to work on them, so personally, I’m really proud of my contribution. I think the tables represent how creative and hardworking the students are here, and I think it’s an honor to be a part of that,” Anderson said.

She continued to mention how this will affect others in the school, “A huge part of the school is our academies. There’s a table for each academy, along with a few others that were more so products of the students.”

Cadence Repp, another contributor to the project stated, “We started them a few weeks before school began… they provide extra seating in the courtyard so social distancing can be achieved.”

Projects such as the painted picnic tables have a major pull on bringing students together, while possibly keeping them distanced from each other in the future.