Student of the Month


Wyllow Larsen, Reporter

Dhaiya Dodia, Leah Hunt, and Gabriel Moreno are the month of September’s proud student of the month winners. Every month, three students are elected and chosen for this award. These students are leaders and helpers in the classroom, and set examples for their classmates. 

One teacher from each academy chooses a student that they think shows an exemplary example of MHHS’s standards. One student from each academy is chosen. The month of September’s nominees are: Dhaiya Dodia for CAB, Leah Hunt for HHS, and Gabriel Moreno for ACME.

When asked about why they think they were nominated, Gabriel Moreno said, “I did a lot of help with ROTC and the band and I was getting a lot of new students adjusted to pandemic learning.”

Dhaiya Dodia states, “I don’t really know why I was nominated but I was helping teachers a lot with Canvas and Google meets.” 

As we all know, getting adjusted to the new schooling procedures has been a bumpy road, but these students have helped it go a little smoother. Overall, these three’s eagerness to help teachers and classmates during these trying times is what won them the spot for student of the month.

If you think that you are worthy of the spotlight, just remember to keep being a role model, and be kind to everyone, and you might just win this month.