MHHS Students Get Creative with Cash Flow


Jasmine Conner, Reporter/Photographer

Small business owners have a passion for their work, which means their products are filled with a personal touch and homemade joy. And anyone who dreams of owning their own business is capable. MHHS students have even set up a business themselves. 

Makayla Kellum, a junior at MHHS created a small business called Hemp Creations. She makes and sells hemp products like bracelets, necklaces, anklets, keychains, and wrapped stones. Her inspiration for this business sparked after she saw a stand selling similar products for really high prices and she thought she could do it herself for half the price. This business has built her skills in budgeting, managing the cost of products, and managing time.  

“I hope this business can help show people that if you push yourself to try something new it can lead to some cool places and faces. I love to create new and customized things for people. I love seeing their reaction when they open up their item knowing it was handmade with care into each knot,” Kellum said.

You can find Kellum’s Hemp Creations on her Instagram “hemp.creations” or even her Snapchat “makayla_kellum”.

MHHS junior, Brianna Ifland, also started a small business. She bakes and sells beautiful baked goods on commission. This business actually started as a fundraiser for The New York trip through choir but has now created side business. Ifland is extremely involved in school and extracurriculars, so the baking resides on the back burner. She’s not exactly sure what she wants to do career-wise so opening up a little bakery has always been her plan b. 

“I love to do so many things. I like school because I’m good at it, and arts because it’s a great vehicle for expression. People always compare baking to chemistry and science, but I see it as more of an art. Maybe it’s a marrying of the two, which is why I like spending time in the kitchen so much. I hate baking with other people though because I have my own processes and want to hang out with myself for a bit. I love it when I make cupcakes, or cookies, or whatever and bring them to school for my friends. I forgot who, but someone thought I just bought them regularly and handed them out for funsies, which was super flattering,” recalled Ifland.

A lot of Ifland’s customers come from either her mom’s coworkers or Facebook friends. She Is also available at school or through any of her social media accounts. Some of her prices are: plain cupcakes $7.50/6 or $15.00/12, some with decorations are $9/6 and $18/12. Cakes vary between $35-$40. 

 Juniors Shawna Austin and Jasmine Conner collaborated on small business and named it  “NanaToes”. Together these two handmake items such as candles, soaps, hat pins, and paintings. They perform flow arts and accept special requests. This idea came from two artists who just wanted to learn new things and sell their crafts. Throughout the journey of NanaToes, the two have learned many new skills like working as a team, budgeting money, and managing their time. 

Junior Shawna Austin stated “ Nanatoes started out as an idea and watching it come to life is extraordinary. I love how all the little things we’ve done have become much greater. It is crazy how everything we’ve created has fit together to create a greater picture.”

You can find NanaToes through their Instagram ( _nanatoes_ ), Facebook ( NanaToes ), or email ( [email protected] ) They also have a booth located at The Old Attic in Mountain Home. 

Tell us about your small business! Email writer Jasmine Conner ([email protected]) to tell your story.