Bombers got the Beat


Aaliyah Williams, Reporter/Photographer

Homecoming week is in full swing at MHHS. Some of the major changes due to COVID-19 restrictions include no Homecoming dance, no powderpuff game, and no parade. However, we will have a caravan through campus, a virtual pep rally and introductions of royalty, virtual competitions, and hype videos. The court will be presented before the football game starting at 6:30 p.m.

Students are also encouraged to participate in themed dress-up days including:

Monday: “Party in the USA”- USA attire

Tuesday: “Country Roads Take Me Home”- Country Day

Wednesday: “I Love Rock-n-Roll”-80’s attire

Thursday: “Here Comes the Sun”- Pajama day

Friday: “Don’t Stop Believing”-Homecoming shirt or color coordinating to each grade

Student council sponsors Mrs. Quick and Mrs. Hopper along with the student council representative have worked to adjust this year’s activities. Students voted for homecoming royalty and the following students were chosen for the court:


Ty Lawrence

Jack Sheaner

Sadie Quick

Trevi Sheaner


Luke Darracq

Kywren Adams

Ian Blair

Brianna Ifland

Bailey King

Rylee Patterson



Quentin Brill

Ben Camp

Whit Lawrence

Levi Priborsky

Lawson Stockton

Lauren Dewey

Sarah Godfrey

Grace Hilvert

Emma Martin

Emily Payne

Sophie Quick

Savannah Scott