MHHS Celebrates College Month


Nathan Stone, Reporter/Photographer

The month of October is College Month and when I spoke to Vanessa Roberts, she told me that the career coaches have many  exciting things planned.

“The festivities kick off on October 1st during AAP. We’re gonna be going around to AAP classrooms and helping students apply to college throughout the month of October,” Ms. Roberts stated.

“We have several colleges coming to visit our Capstone Class and we’re gonna ask for videos from places like Hendrix, ATU, Uof A, ASU, UALR.””

— Ms. Roberts

Academy specific events are also planned for October. “ACME, CAB, and HHS presentations will be the week of the 13th, so ACME is on the 13th, CAB on the 14th, and HHS on the 15th, and we are going to have U of A for ACME, focusing on agriculture, ASU for CAB focusing on arts and drama, and for HHS, we have ATU talking about hospitality and tourism,” Roberts said.

Another event going virtual due to the COVID-19 guidelines is the College Fair, usually housed in the gym. The career coaches will share links for the virtual college fair that’ll be going on throughout the month.

There will also be a financial aide parent night on October 22nd, your parents can come and get help with financial aide

“We’re going to have drawings every Friday for those who have applied for college because we’re going to be giving away prizes. At the very end of the month, we’re going to have a grand prize drawing. Also, every Thursday of the month will be a college apparel day, so wear your favorite college clothes,” Ms. Roberts said.