Our Voice Debuts with Digital Demo  

Brianna Ifland, Reporter

On Thursday, September 24th, Bomber News Network hosted a virtual demo of the 2020 Our Voice– complete with a new, virtual look. Described by Karen Maupin as “…an opportunity to showcase your talent and share that with the student body,” Our Voice is an annual competition and one of CAB’s most loved projects. 

The demo displayed Bryson Hodges on the piano with Sergei Rachmaninov’s “Prelude,” Studio H dancers with “Rome,” Jayden Henson with original song “Quarantine,” Hayden Moore on the piano performing “Dance of Anitra,” Myia Treat with a monologue from Zara, or, Who Killed The Queen of the Silver Screen?, and Isabelle Babin singing Billy Joel’s “New York State of Mind”. 

Contrary to popular belief, Our Voice is open to students from all academies and goes beyond the pool of instruments and singing. 2019 finalist, and current senior, Victoria Bevel states: “I’ve seen magic shows, dancing, and comedy acts, and I think our student body has even more creative acts that we just haven’t seen yet.” 

Though this year’s virtual medium takes away some of the theatrics live performances would offer, opinions about it amongst students vary. Rayne Tilley states: “I think the new format is gonna be complicated to get working, and also might make the performances sound a bit strange.” 

…It’s so different to sing or perform in front of a camera [but] I think it will still be equally as awesome!”

— Victoria Bevel

Bevel also notes how she’ll miss the audience: “…it’s so different to sing or perform in front of a camera… I think it will still be equally as awesome and we have some crazy talent this year but, personally, I wish we could fill up Dunbar.” 

However, the prerecorded format lessens nerves for students who may have stage fright or aren’t used to performing in front of a lot of people.

“I say just go for it,” Hodges states, “because it’s a really fun experience and it makes for some good memories”

On top of that, it also cuts students more slack and allows virtual students a chance to participate from home. 

Moore says “ I still get nervous whenever I’m being recorded, but it’s definitely better than performing it live. The first recording, I ended up messing up part of the song and, if that was live, I would have been completely screwed.” 

For those who want to participate in future showcases, an email with a google form was sent out to all students, so check your inboxes! It will ask your name and if you want to perform in the fall or spring semester. From there, students will be added to a canvas course that will send out all information. 

The fall showcase will likely occur before the end of October, though exact scheduling is still up in the air. Further questions can be directed to Mrs. Maupin, Mrs. Kemp, Mrs. Wham, or Mrs. Mattock. 

“I don’t think of it as a talent show,” says Henson, “I think of it as doing something you enjoy. It doesn’t necessarily have to be good, but as long as you had fun while doing it, ya know?” 

The video containing the demo can be found here.