Under the Wing: The Impacts of COVID-19


Aaliyah Williams, Reporter/Photographer

Mountain Home Public School’s staff and students have all been impacted by this new pandemic we call COVID-19. Due to all of the changes made in the world today– such as wearing a mask wherever you go and not being able to communicate with people (if not 6 feet apart)– COVID-19 has made things more difficult to jump into regular routines. This is how some of the students and teachers feel about changes due to COVID-19.

“It has made me more isolated than I was before the pandemic.” -Micaela Mclean

“I have to wear a mask all day during school so I don’t even get to really see my friends”-Victoria Glenn

There are some different points of views about coronavirus that aren’t all bad, and are seeing the good it can bring to the population by being safer:

.“The safety part of coronavirus is a good thing, such as the distance, I just hope we can get back to before.” -Mr.Mead 

“Being careful about contact and with people not going out as much it has helped the pollution go down.” -Lana Garcia


A lot of students have pointed out the fact that they weren’t able to have fun during summer like they usually would due to flights being canceled and  the fear of not knowing if they would be safe to come home to their family without getting them sick:

“COVID-19 limited a lot of my travels during summer, and took away most of my school year last year.”-Jenna Lockwood