MHHS Academy Kick-off Goes Virtual

Olivia Martin, Reporter/photographer

As Mountain Home High School goes virtual so does their annual academy kick-off. On September 21st the annual Mountain Home High School’s Academy kick-off goes live throughout the school. Before going live, academy reps (2-3 people from each AAP) and academy leaders work to plan out how this new virtual week will be laid out and how it will involve everyone. In past years the high school has had their kick-off by playing games and having a cookout due to COVID-19 this had to be changed to fit the new rules and restrictions. The virtual kick-off will be held for the High School throughout the week of September 21st- the 25th. 

There will be dress-up days that students can participate in as well as school-wide activities. The dress-up days include Monday-Crazy socks, Tuesday- Academy colors (ACME-green, CAB-yellow, and HHS-blue), Wednesday- Dress up as your favorite teacher day, Thursday- Twins, and Friday- Bomber pride or Blue and Gold. 

When asked how students prepare Mrs. Beckam the ACME leader said: “When preparing for academy kick-off make sure  to keep an open mind and prepare to have fun.” 

Leaders will be working to make this week the best week they can even with the new limitations of COVID. There will be school-wide events such as a surprise Monday, the students of the month will be announced, academy projects and school staff will be introduced. There will be a school-wide AAP vs AAP Kahoot game on bomber trivia, Our voice(talent show hosted by CAB) videos, and a cook-out that the cafeteria will provide in a sack lunch and students will be allowed to eat anywhere in the school. 

When asked how virtual or BVA students can get involved in kick-off Mrs. Czanstkowski said, “ Tune in to BNN each day during AAP for all of the kick-off activities.”

While preparing for kick-off Mattie Bolkens says, “ I am looking forward to the surprise activities and dress-up days the school has planned. I also hope that the surprises they have prepared will involve everyone and be something fun.” 

While also preparing, Logan Willis says,” I’m looking forward to just having fun and the cook-out and winning prizes in my AAP.”

Some academy reps had some worries about how the week might go. Fatihe-Ann Hall says “I think the wifi/internet connection will be a problem during the week.” With everyone online at the High School, there might be some connection problems for live events such as Kahoot and BNN live streams during AAP times throughout the week.


Lucas Spurlock says, “Some complications I think might arise are that the virtual part of it is new and we are all learning but we just have to stay positive and be glad we can somewhat do things like this.” 


As Academy kick-off goes live students and teachers alike need to watch BNN during their AAP times and keep an open mind because administration and students are working to make this week the best week possible.