Students and Staff Reflect on Quarantine


Nathan Stone

Photo taken by Nathan Stone

Nathan Stone, Reporter/Photographer

To say that last school year ended unusually would be an understatement. Teachers and students alike were forced to learn new technologies practically overnight. After school ended, however, we as a society were obligated to trade in our usual summer activities for months of isolation. After getting back to school, it’s predictable that people would have changed personally. 

“It made my mental health better,” said sophomore Makenna Clark “Because I was able to talk to my parents more, and I was able to hang out with my friends, sometimes. I was allowed to spend some alone time, too, so that was good. I could catch up with myself.”

 Junior Aidan Wilson said “So I’m a pretty introverted person but, after a while, it just sets in that like ‘you have not seen somebody in a very long time’ and then you stop talking to your family as much because you see them so much. You go on a lot more walks just to be outside because you’re extremely bored. You eventually get really excited to come back to school because you don’t want to be at home anymore. I don’t understand why people would want to stay home and not come back to school.”

“I think that I had enough time to relax and not be stressed about so much school work, but I definitely think not being able to see my friends kinda made me feel lonely, so that hurt,” Senior Rachel Robertson stated, “I guess I’d say it both helped and hurt at certain times. It definitely had its ups and downs”

English teacher Ms. Mattick replied, “It was very bittersweet because I missed my students here at the high school, and it’s sad because I feel like we never truly ended the year last school year, but at the same time, I’m thankful for the time at home with my son.”

Both teachers and students spent their time in quarantine in various ways.

“I pretty much just stayed home,” remarked sophomore Malachi Mackercher, “I played video games, ate food, facetimed my friends, played basketball by myself because it’s quarantine, but I didn’t really do too much. It… It was fun.”

“I spent the majority of my time with my family, spending time outdoors. We went hiking, saw some waterfalls, fishing, doing stuff like that. Just spending time with my boys. Then some home improvement activities.” said Mr. Bevel

“I pretty much did nothing.” replied Wilson “I played a lot of Minecraft.”

Now that we’re back in school and out of quarantine, I’m sure that nearly everyone is both eager and apprehensive to see where this year goes. All we can do is follow the easy and basic safety precautions and hope for the best.