MHHS Announces February Teachers and Students of the Month


Trista Groark, Co-Editor

During the month of February, Mountain Home High School’s students voted for a teacher from each academy who they think deserves recognition. Once voting comes to a close, all students and staff gather in Dunbar Auditorium to reveal the winners from each academy. 

From ACME, Coach Nathan Criner won teacher of the month, from HHS, Coach Chris Cudworth, and from CAB, Mrs. Toni Rogers. 

Many students voted for these teachers for reasons ranging from how helpful they can be in the classroom to being able to make them laugh on a bad day. Each teacher received a plaque with their academy on it as well as “teacher of the month”. They keep the plaque all month until it is time to pass it on to next month’s winners. The teachers from each academy also get a special reserved spot in the school’s parking lot right in front of the entrance, meaning they don’t have to walk a football field distance to get to their vehicle, which sounds like the biggest prize of the two.

Make sure to vote for your favorite teacher in order to reward them with a snazzy new parking spot, a shiny plaque, and bragging rights for 30 days.