So many options… How next year’s schedule will affect MHHS students

So many options... How next year's schedule will affect MHHS students

Makayla Kellem, Reporter

Starting next school year, MHHS Juniors and Seniors will be starting college. ASUMH and MHHS are going to be working together to send students with ACT scores of 19 or higher to their college classes. This means bell schedule changes, calendar adjustments, and new college course options for the upcoming Juniors and Seniors. Although, the questions on the minds of most students are, “What do these changes look like?” and, “How will this affect us?”

The first major adjustment will be matching up the high school’s daily bell schedule with the college. To do so, administration has decided to switch from odd and even days to blue and gold days. Classes would be set up by Monday-Wednesday periods and Tuesday-Thursday periods. These new period times will leave Fridays open for different activities. Some possibilities include advisory day, fast-class day, or alternating weeks of blue/gold Friday classes. Due to the quick-changing options though, a definite schedule plan cannot yet be confirmed. 

For the sake of MHHS to partner up with ASUMH, this means next year’s (2020-2021) school calendar will be altered. On February 20th, the school board voted on calendar adjustments and came to a final conclusion. Holidays like President’s Day and Martin Luther King Jr. Day will not hold any classes, sensing possibly more off-days for MHHS students than this current 2019-2020 school year.

The upcoming Juniors and Seniors have also received a multitude of newly-arrived course options that will be held at the ASUMH campus for them. These classes will give MHHS students many more opportunities to receive college credit for free while being enrolled in high school. 

As stated by Mr. Bevel, instructor of MHHS, “I don’t feel that our school is going to be changed much by the changes with ASUMH. We are already providing wonderful opportunities for our students, and I don’t feel like changing our schedule to match theirs will arise any advantages really with this change. We have students who have already graduated with 30, 40, 50, and even 60 hours, so this doesn’t really change anything. We have many other challenges facing our school that involve mental health, drug abuse, and lack of parent involvement. As well as challenges not always addressed like the shorter staff and low wages that need to be addressed to improve our school. ”