Prom on a Budget


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Two couples standing for pictures before their big night

Jaden Bright, Reporter/ Photographer

Prom is something we all dreamt about when we were little kids, we all thought it was going to be a magical night. Showing up in a jaw-dropping dress with the cutest guy in school, having your hair done really pretty and all the makeup. But if you take a stroll down the street looking for all these fancy dresses, shoes, accessories, etc… you’ll find that there is nothing magical about the prices. There are many ways you can budget for prom that way it will not cost you a fortune!  

“I’ve never really been to prom before but with the cost of tickets, dresses, tuxedos, shoes, etc overall I’d say it’s pretty expensive,” MHHS Sophmore Brook Lawing explains. 

Trying to find the perfect dress can be stressful, however looking at the price tags could be even more stressful. Try renting a dress instead of buying it, or you could use a second-hand dress. That alone could bring your total cost down. 

Want that Cinderella heel without spending a lot of money? Try looking at shops that sell heels for cheap such as Payless or Walmart. If you do not want to do that then you can go to thrift stores or use heels from your mom’s closet if it comes down to it!  

Instead of going to a beauty shop that would cost a few hundred dollars try going to the drugstore for some cheap makeup and some nails that you could put on for the night. For hair ideas, look up some simple hairstyles on Pinterest or Google. 

Prom is only as expensive as you make it so try these money-saving tips. Comment below with your tips for a fun night on the cheap!