What I didn’t pack.

What I didn't pack.

Nuria Zysk, writer

I didn’t pack my F.U. hoodie and it’s a good thing. Dress codes, almost every American school has them, but for me, it is something completely new. In my home country, Germany, there are no dress codes in school and we are fine with it, so, do American schools need them?

I feel like dress codes have two main parts and purposes. One small part of dress codes is about hate and discrimination. It implies that you cannot wear something that would discriminate against someone or is hate speech of any kind. The idea of that is a very good one, but why shouldn’t it be your own decision to wear that “fu**” hoodie when you have a bad day? If people talk to you when you wear that, it is their own decision.

But the biggest and most concerning part of the dress code for me is the part where the adults say that mostly the girls dress “too sexy for school”.  Skirts that are too short, cropped tops or even ripped jeans and sleeveless tops are in the opinion of some people too sexy for showing up in school. Oriana, an exchange student from Brazil stated that “If the boys are distracted by the girls wearing shorts, this is the fault of the boys and not of the girls”. Why should we be paying for boys that can’t hold themselves from being excited every time a girl walks by. If now you think, well but boys get dress coded too, but do they? After talking to a lot of students and teachers from Mountain Home High School, I’ve come to the conclusion that even though there have been boys being dress coded, there has not been a lot.

So, should going on an exchange mean that you have to leave 90% of your closet at home because the clothes violate the dress code? Is it really necessary to make teachers the ones who decide how the students should dress?  Shouldn’t the main purpose of school be learning?

In my opinion, there shouldn’t be people telling you what to wear and what not to wear. We are kids, we are trying to figure ourselves out, we are supposed to try new things, find our personality and just be kids. We will have to follow restrictions style-wise for all our lives, so what better time to wear whatever you want than high school. When are you supposed to live like you want to in the two hours per day that you are not in school?

Needless to say, I will be happy to go back home and go to school with the shortest shorts I can find.