The Coronavirus


Nuria Zysk, writer

    The 2019 novel Coronavirus first reached the international media in January 2020 when there were more and more cases reported in the Wuhang area in China. Scientists believe that the virus was caused by wild animals like bats and snakes, which are sold in Chinese markets. Coronaviruses are normally just found in animals but certain mutations of the virus can be passed to humans. The first doctor that warned the general public, Li Wenliang, was reported dead last Thursday.

    When the virus started to spread wider, the Chinese government started launching safety projects like shutting down whole cities, building new hospitals, and sending doctors and medications to affected areas. Even though people have been tested for the virus when leaving affected areas, the virus spread to several countries all over the world. There have been cases in Europe, the United States, on 4 cruise ships and the Philippines, where the first death outside of China was reported.

    After the WHO (World Health Organization) declared a global health emergency on the 28th of January other countries have started to cancel flights to China and get their citizens out of the affected areas. Besides that, airports are checking passengers for fever, even though the WHO claims that there is no reason for a travel restriction.

“Our greatest concern is the potential  for the virus to spread to countries with weaker health systems” Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus (WHO chief)

    The Coronavirus may seem pretty dangerous but from what we know now it is not that bad. Even though the 2019 Novel Coronavirus has killed more people than the similar SARS virus of 2002, it is not as dangerous as the flu. While the Coronavirus has killed almost 1,000 people by now and another 40,000 are infected, the last flu season has claimed over 10,000 deaths and another 19 million people were infected.

    So in conclusion, even though the Coronavirus seems pretty scary at first, the reason we are making a big deal out of it is that it is new and we don’t know a lot about how it is treatable and if there is prevention or cure. Even though the situation could change within the next few days, weeks or months, scientists believe that it won’t be a serious threat to humanity.