MHHS Celebrates Sweetheart Court


Nathan Stone, Reporter/Photographer

Sweetheart is an annual celebration held at Mountain Home High School as a Basketball season Homecoming, with an elected Court and a grand ceremony. When interviewed about their experience, here’s what our court members had to say:










How Does it feel to be on the court?

Valerie Parker: “Wel it’s my second year. I like doing it. It’s really exciting, cause I never dress up.”

Kywren Adams: “Nerve-Wracking.”

Wyatt Gilbert: “I’m very honored that my peers would vote for me to be on the court.”

Ava Obert: “Well I thought it was really sweet for people to vote for me. I felt honored to represent my school.”

Arno Justman: “Definitely unexpected, I never tried to get on any type of Homecoming or Court so this was a cool experience.”

Blake Collins: “ I’m kind of impartial about it right now, but I mean it’s pretty cool.”

Laura Wheat: “ Honestly it feels pretty good, like an honor. I didn’t think I would make it, but I feel blessed that people thought of me enough to represent the school.”

Anna Grace Foreman: “Really good, I love dressing up so I think it’s fun. I love representing my school. I love my grade so I’m happy they chose me.”

Nate Duval: “I’m very thankful for the position that was given to me, although I do feel that there’s a lot of nice people that I’ve met around this school since I’ve arrived that also could’ve very well gotten the position themselves, but I am very thankful for everyone voting for me.”


Why do you think you were put on the court?

Valerie Parker: “I don’t really talk to a lot of people, but everyone that I do talk to I generally am nice to them, and I get along with a lot of people really easily because I don’t know them, so there’s really no reason to not like them.”

Kywren Adams: “I’m a nice guy. I’m always positive.”

Wyatt Gilbert: “I like to think I’m pretty well-liked. I’ve got a lot of friends that voted for me.”

Ava Obert: “Because I’m nice to people, so I think they wouldn’t vote for me if I wasn’t nice.”

Arno Justman: “I guess I’ve been involved with a lot of programs that gave me opportunities to meet people so I guess people just knew my name.”

Blake Collins: “ Because my friends voted for me, like the thespian troupe. I have a good bit of friends.”

Laura wheat: “ I feel like I’m an honest person, and that people genuinely like me.”

Anna Grace Foreman: “I think because I love people, so I talk to everyone. I love everyone in my grade, all the different types of people. I’m friends with everyone.”

Nate Duval: “I don’t even know why I was nominated to be on court to be quite honest, but maybe I was put on there because I’ve never tried starting anything with anyone. I’ve always tried to be very kind and make a positive influence on anyone I meet.”


Did you want to be on sweetheart court?

Valerie Parker: “Yes. From last year with the experience I had, it was really fun, so I’m excited to be on it this year.”

Kywren Adams: “ More like I didn’t expect it. It’s not like I 

didn’t want to.”

Wyatt Gilbert: “Yeah, for sure. Especially being in basketball, since that’s kind of basketball’s thing.”

Ava Obert: “Yes, I like to dress up.”

Arno Justman: “I didn’t try to get people to vote for me, but I definitely enjoy knowing that I was voted for me.” 

Blake Collins: “Well, kind of.”

Laura Wheat: “I mean, yeah.”

Anna Grace Foreman: “I did because all of my family’s been on it, so I wanted to do the same thing as my sisters did.”

Nate Duval: “I don’t know if ‘want’ is the right word. I didn’t want to be on there, but if I hadn’t gotten put on there I wouldn’t have gotten butthurt. I feel privileged to be there.


Do you think anyone else should’ve made it on sweetheart court?

Valerie Parker: “I think that Isabelle Babin or Anna Gilbert should be in it. I cheered with both of them, and they were the cheer captains so they always made sure everyone was okay, and they always included everybody.”

Kywren Adams: “Gisele Yousif, Juana Hernandez, and Callie Parker. They’re the people I know the best.”

Wyatt Gilbert: “ Yeah definitely. I have a lot of friends on the basketball team who are really well-liked and respected. Matt Jones and Harrison Bullard are some of my friends.”

Ava Obert: “No, I think the other girls that are on Court are really nice girls so I think it’s a good thing they got voted for.”

Arno Justman: “ I think we have a lot of great students. There’s really too many to pick from.”

Blake Collins: “ Everyone else. There are so many people who deserve it.”

Laura Wheat: “I think Isabelle Babin should’ve been on the court.”

Anna Grace Foreman: “Piper Hill, she’s really nice. She’s one of my favorite people.”

Nate Duval: “I think that some of the people who talk the least in some of my classes usually have the happiest hearts and I feel like they deserve some recognition, especially after all the kindness they’ve given me and everybody else they’ve met in the last four years.”

Senior Maid Laura Wheat had this unique perspective on Sweetheart Courts traditional dress:

“I feel that a girl shouldn’t have to wear a dress if it makes them uncomfortable. They should have the option to wear a suit if it makes them comfortable they shouldn’t be scared. I want to be the one that can show them they shouldn’t be scared to be who they are.